Activity and Occupation Question

Okay, so I’m twelve days into the diet and I’m down 16 lbs. (of course some of that is water weight), but I’m really happy with my results so far. I have a problem though.

I have an active job. I don’t just mean a bit of walking or anything like that. I work in a door shop where I stand for 8 hours a day and build doors and/or windows, stock doors (between 30 and 80 lbs.), stock parts, do some general carpentry, and use power tools all day.

I’ve been following the diet to a T, and the first week flew by like a breeze, but now I have absolutely no energy whatsoever. My last workout sucked, and my productivity at work has gone down noticeably (everybody is asking if I’m getting sick, or have something going on at home). I can’t really think straight, I am almost constantly hungry (the first week I was actually pretty full most of the time and never really got hungry), I’m starting to ache all over, and sometimes get light-headed when I’m working.

I am wondering if anyone else who has an active job like mine has had any of these problems. I don’t know what to do. I’m having trouble sleeping as well. I don’t want to quit the diet (I have too much will power give in to hunger), but I am worried about how it is affecting my occupational and mental abilities.
Should I cut out my NEPA since I already do so much activity at work? Should I consume more calories? I just need some help, because right now I’m in a really rough state and can’t afford to have problems at work.

Any advice or information would be appreciated. Thanks.

i work in retail…not exactly door buliding but i move heavy boxes around for a little bit of time during the day and am always moving around the store (it’s a big store). i noticed that i’m getting really short with customers for no reason. maybe adding in Spike Shooters/Caffeine-Free or regular Spike when you need a boost. that works for me.

maybe cut back on the nepa a little bit. i’m on day 4 and the first two workouts of the week were not as shitty as i thought (front squat 185 yesterday). but when just getting around seems a pain in the ass i just remember how shredded ill be afterwards and man up.

i started at 12-14% bf. also my father always says to me (even though he has a huge pregnant man-gut) “where’s the six pack?” everytime i see him and i’ve been in pretty good shape in the past but never shredded so i think about that comment every time i feel like shit. sorry i couldn’t be more helpful.

Try some ZMA, it helped me with sleeping which in turn gives me a lot more energy. In all honestly, your fatigue is probably due to your sleeping, not the diet itself. I used some sleep MD+ to get me to sleep along with ZMA to keep me asleep, worked like a charm.

How many quality hours of sleep are you getting? if its not 8, this is the first thing that needs changed.

I’ve been taking ZMA for about 2 years now. It’s a "can’t live without."
Whats keeping me from sleeping is just discomfort, and muscle cramping. I was just researching a suggestion someone made to me about low potassium, and the symptoms match what I feel. I think I am going to supplement with some.

You’re more active than the average person on this diet, so you burn more calories in a day than the average person following this diet, so you need more calories than the standard formula.

Those with very active jobs can cut out the NEPA walks.

Still, don’t expect to feel on top of the world. It IS an extreme diet after all.

Thanks for the answer. I’m going to start supplementing with potassium today and see if that does anything for the cramping and what not.
I appreciate everyone’s responses.

I was on the V-Diet while working 20 hours a day. The only way I could function was eat more and add some carbs. I still lost 20 lbs. in 30 days. When you bust your but everyday you need a few more cals. than the V-Diet provides. When you start to feel fuzzy headed eat a few good carbs and you will feel better. Just don’t get carried away. Listen to your body!

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