AC's V-Diet Part Two


This will be my second time doing the V-Diet. I was very pleased with my results last time and kept the weight off. I got hurt in May and hadn’t been able to do that much. My diet went to shit and now that I am finally cleared to start exercising again, I wanted to hit the reset button. My goal is to break the bad habits that I started up again and to lose a good amount of weight in the process.

Day One

Height 6’2"
WEight 229 lbs

I am going to take measurements tonight before bed as I had to work early this morning and didn’t get the chance.

So far haven’t had any issues, hunger isn’t that bad, but it’s only day one. I’m finishing my dinner shake now and can’t wait to have my bedtime shake with almond butter.
Shake 1: 0800
Shake 2: 1100
Shake 3: 1400
Shake 4: 1900
Shake 5: 2200
All supplements taken. One HOT-ROX twice today, will increase to two times, twice a day.

I’m interested to see how I do tomorrow with the first workout. My shoulder is very weak. I’m looking forward to getting back to where I was before I got injured and had surgery.

60 minutes NEPA tonight when I got home from work. Need to try and get up early, 0430, to get a morning NEPA in before work. All in a ll a great day one!


Day 2

Feel good today, no hunger cravings. Energy levels are good.

Shake 1 0730
Shake 2 1030
shake 3 1400
shake 4 1700
Surge 2000
Shake 5 2200

I worked out today and I’m going to need to figure out the weights. They were definitely too light. I’m going to take it slow and not push myself due to my shoulder. I experienced pain if I went heavier, so I dropped the weight down.

Dumbbell Squat 65 lbs 9, 9, 9, 6, 9, 3
Dumbbell Bench 45 lbs 9, 9, 9, 9, 9
Dumbbell Row 65 lbs 8, 8, 8, 8, 6, 3
Plank 1:00, 1:05.6

I really felt it in my shoulder when benching.

I performed the rows on a bench, one arm at a time. I did this to support my back, had back surgery in '05.

After my workout, I walked for 60 min. Felt good.

I’m really glad to be back exercising and I know that I have to take things slow, but it still feels great! I’m interested to see how things go and how my shoulder holds up.


Day 3

I was extremely stiff and in a lot of pain today. Not really sure why, happens from time to time ever since I had back surgery. My shoulder was pretty sore today, which was expected as it was my first time exercising in over 10 months since getting hurt.

I only had three shakes today and skipped the NEPA. Came home from work and passed out, got up had my bedtime shake and now I’m heading back to bed.

Shake 1 0830
shake 2 1230
Shake 3 1000

All supplements taken as directed.

Physical Therapy the last two days was tough. Event hough I am cleared to exercise, I’m still not where I would like to be in my recovery.

Tomorrow is a new day and I’m excited to get back on track


good job! keep it up. try a neutral grip with the DB Bench, that may help with your shoulder.


I haven’t posted in a few days and for the most part everything has been going well. I’ve missed one shake a few times, but other than that everything has been on point until today. I haven’t had any shakes or food today! I’m not even hungry, so I figured I would fast today. I think it may have something to do with my HSM yesterday.

Thanks for the post, that’s what I have been doing for any chest and shoulder exercises that involve pressing. Overall, I’m happy with how things have been going in the gym. The weights I have been using are definitely too light on most exercises, but I am being cautious due to my shoulder and previous back surgery.

I had my HSM yesterday and it was amazing!

Grilled Chicken and avocado salad with spinach, carrots, tomato, celery, green pepper with balsamic vinegarette

12 oz grass fed shell steak

roasted brussel sprouts, roasted carrots and sauteed spinach w/garlic

one slice of roasted turkey

I wound up throwing out a lot of the veggie sides I bought with my dinner. I ate the entire salad, steak and turkey slice.

I haven’t been hungry since. Interested to see if this has any effect.

I took three fiber tabs, three Flameout and four HOT-ROX today.

I was running late for work this morning and missed my weighing and measurements, going to try and get them tomorrow.

Goals for this week are 5 lbs, do a better job posting on here, Get more NEPA in and try and up the weights at the gym


I really slacked off on posting in my log, but have been doing very well. I missed a shake here and there, two V-burns and two NEPA’s. I have my final weigh in and measurements tomorrow. I am very pleased with the diet, although I didn’t reach my goal weight or measurements. I really think that this had a lot to do with my limitations in the gym. I was able to follow the beginner program, but I had to use lighter weights than I would have liked. I was guided by how my shoulder felt (I have 3 anchors in my right shoulder that were put in Aug '12). Still dealing with a lot of issues from my surgery, but was able to work around them and make the workout effective. It felt very good to be back in the gym and active again.

I learned last time that this is a great tool to hit the reset button, break bad habits and get back on track. Along the way you get to lose weight and get in better shape.

My goal post V-Diet is to follow the Precision Nutrition program or the Slow Carb approach from the 4 hour body. I’ve tried both in the past and they worked until I fell off the wagon and started to eat like shit again.

I look forward to seeing what tomorrow’s final stats are. Bottom line, I feel great and know that I am back on the right track. Thank you Chris!


Congratulations on your progress. It sounds like you got out of the V-diet what you were looking for. Training with injuries can be tough, and using light weight is hard on your ego.

Are you starting the transition, or are you all six-weeks complete?


Final Stats pre transition

Day 1 Day 28 +/-
Height 6’2" 6’2"
WEight 229 lbs 216.5 lbs -12.5
Neck 16.5" 16.5 " 0
Shoulders 52" 51" -1"
Chest Upper 45" 42.25" -2.75
Chest Lower 42" 40.75" -1.25
Waist naval 43.5" 40.25" -3.25
Waist Largest 44" 41" -3
Hips Largest 42" Forgot to measure
Upper Arm L 14.5" 14.25" -.25
Upper Arm R 14.25" 14" -.25
Upper Leg L 24.5" 23.5" -1
Upper Leg R 25" 24.5" -.5
Lower Leg L 16" 16.25" +.25
Lower Leg R 16" 16" 0
Ankle L 11" 10.25" -.75
Ankle R 10.75" 9.75" -1

Total weight loss 12.5 lbs
Total inches lost 17.75"

Didn’t hit my goals, but very pleased nonetheless.

The first transition week hasn’t gone very well, need to make sure I’m getting all of my shakes in. Have been eating a large spinach lentil soup and a big salad with grilled chicken everyday for lunch. Think I may have gained a pound or stayed even. See what next week brings.