Accounting for Carbs in Power Drive?


Any idea how many carbs are in Power Drive? I only ask because it lists sugar as an ingredient along with the sucralose. 15 of the one scoop’s 25 calories is accounted for in fat, but how many carb grams would that mean are left?

I’m trying to be really strict with my carb intake, and I’m wondering how to factor in 2 scoops of this stuff.



Product page says zero carbs per serving:

Since sugar is listed almost dead last, I’m guessing it’s a naturally occurring pinch, that probably doesn’t add up to a full carb or two.

I know a lot of low-carb fanatics, and none of them worry with the negligible amount in Power Drive. I certainly don’t, and I’m pretty strict with carbs.


Yeah, i ordinarily wouldn’t even consider it, and never had, until I glanced at the label the other day and saw sugar listed, which just made me wonder.