Accelerating My Life


I am beginning the V-Diet today. I did a modified version in the past with good success, losing about 7+ lbs. and adding some muscle.

This time however, I am giving the diet a try exactly as is. Seeing the results people have achieved is very motivating and I’m looking forward to the motivation and determination this is going to give me just as much as the weight loss!

Starting Weight: 193.6
Body Fat: 20%


Neck: 17
Shoulders: 47
Navel: 42
Upper Chest: 43
Lower Chest: 40
Waist (Largest Part): 42
Hips (Largest Part): 41
Left Arm: 12.75
Right Arm: 13
Upper Left Leg: 22.5
Upper Right Leg: 22
Lower Left Leg: 14.75
Lower Right Leg: 15
Left Ankle: 9.25
Right Ankle: 9


Can’t wait to see your progress! Keep us posted!


Thanks, Chris! Will do.


Day 1 is in the books, and I must say, I’m surprised. I don’t know if it is because I have done a (sort of) V-Diet before or not, but it really wasn’t very hard to make it through the day.

When I did this the first time, I felt irritable and was badly craving solid food by 4 p.m the first day. Yesterday, almost none of that. I had fleeting moments of wanting junk food when my co-workers would bring in hamburgers, BBQ, and desserts for their lunches, but the cravings quickly passed. Perhaps I am simply in a better mindset and more determined than ever.

Got in my workout and all shakes yesterday. I am likely going to stick to weighing myself once a week, but I had to check this morning just out of curiosity. Down 1.6 lbs. already!


Day 2 done! Got all of my shakes in. Feeling good so far!

I have not had a lot of cravings so far, and when I do, it mostly seems to be when I start to get fairly hungry before my next shake. I am having them about every three hours, and around the 2 1/2 hr. mark, I start to get hungry, but its easy to deal with.

I am looking forward to my HSM, which I will probably have on Saturday. :slight_smile:


By the way, one pair of shorts I have is already fitting better. :slight_smile:

For those who would like additional details on my diet, I am also taking a GNC Mega Men Sport multivitamin everyday and drinking coffee in the morning and green and black teas during the day in addition to plain water and mineral water.

I don’t add any sweeteners to my drinks (artificial or otherwise), but I do use 2 tbsp. of organic half and half in my morning coffee.

I know that Chris has said it is O.K., but I am forgoing diet sodas all together. I drink too many of those and I want to break that habit too. :slight_smile:


And I am not taking HOT-ROX.


Day 3 is done. Cravings have been pretty easy to resist so far. I am really loving that part!

Yesterday though, my stomach was uneasy off and on throughout the day. I never really felt like I was going to get sick though, so its manageable.

Thus far, I have been drinking the shakes just mixed with water. Last night, I mixed my last one in the blender though with ice. I used a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of banana, and threw in my peanut butter. It was heavenly! These are so much better with ice! I am thinking about picking up a portable blender from GNC today to use at work.

I felt really tired by 8 p.m. last night. I went swimming for my NEPA, so that may have been why. I had trouble falling asleep because my stomach was uneasy.

Does anyone have any suggestions for helping with the stomach issues? I am taking probiotics right now.


Day 4 in the books and all is well! Pizza is my absolute favorite food. There was a bunch of free pizza sitting in one of the breakrooms here at work, but I ignored it. I’m proud of myself for that. :slight_smile:

I also had to deal with seeing and smelling enchiladas and sushi yesterday, and this morning, pancakes and breakfast tacos at work. Didn’t touch any of it! You can see that I have to deal with being around a lot of food at work. :wink:

One thing I am noticing is how much more I notice the aroma of food. Even lettuce smells good right now!

Didn’t really have any of the stomach or drowsiness issues from the previous day. Workout coming this afternoon!


well done resisting the pizza, that is my weakness still, although once you back to the full time solid food phase the v-life pizzas are great :slight_smile:


Thanks, Nate! I’m definitely looking forward to trying one of the V-Life pizzas!


Days 5 and 6 went well. For the most part, I have had very little issue dealing with this so far and that is great! This weekend has been a real test of my resolve, and I’m happy that I have made it through without failing. I’m learning a lot about the psychological and emotional triggers that have led me to eat badly in the past. I’m off from work on the weekends, so I tend to want to relax with food, especially if out and about with friends and family. Plus, life has been a little rough this weekend, but I’m extremely proud to say that I have not given in to those emotional triggers. I just keep reminding myself that a healthy life will result in better emotions and psychology and seeing the results I am getting in the mirror only further reinforces my resolve.

I had a killer workout on Friday, probably one of the best I have had in a while. I’m still a little sore right now and the next workout is tomorrow! Awesome!

I went to dinner with some family on Friday night, so I had my HSM then. The fajitas were so good! I had them with grilled peppers and onions and some broccoli on the side. I also had a serving of fresh pineapple, and it was unbelievable how sweet it tasted!

Today I have a killer headache, but I think that is more the result of my awkward sleep schedule this weekend and some of the stress. Doesn’t matter though. I’m tearing it up!


Didn’t drink any alcohol either during the UFC fight last night. :wink:


awesome work samurai!! I remember my first V-diet how good an apple tasted during my first HSM. It really is true that it makes you crave healthy good for your abs food.


Thanks, Nate! It sure does. Everything in my HSM tasted heavenly!

Finished Sunday without a hitch and got in a killer workout today. I feel so pumped and ready!


By the way, I weighed 190.8 this morning. That’s just under 3 lbs. of scale weight in a week. Not like the loss some others have had on the diet, but not too shabby by any means for only one week. And I’m pretty sure that I gained a little muscle, so I think that the actual body fat loss may be even greater.

Chris, I hope you’re watching this! :wink:


That’s great!! And honestly I think my number was a little on the large side because I had stuffed my face the week before and was probably holding a lot of water weight! I think if I had eaten like a normal person, then my number wouldn’t have been so high. I am actually now hoping to lose three pounds each week for the next three weeks so that I can hit my goal.

Great job and keep it up!!


Thanks, kali33! I’m hoping to lose at least 10 lbs. by the end of Week 4. I think its certainly possible with this diet.

Day 8 went without any issues. As I mentioned earlier, got in a killer workout yesterday. My muscles feel a bit tired. I’m sure I could have used a couple of extra hours of sleep. :slight_smile:


I lost 10 on the scale in my first 4 week V-Diet, but i think I may have gained a little muscle as well, I kinda half-assed the pics and measurements though, and reading my old log I didn’t really crush it in the gym so I’d say 10 is a conservative goal, aim for 20!!


Thanks, Nate!

Absolutely! If I drop more than 10 lbs. of fat, I’ll be more than happy to take that!