Absolute Determination. Started 3/16

Day 4, and my first post. Photos, measurements to come this weekend.

I never had to worry about my body composition until recently at the age of 27. I’m standing 5’7", weighing in at 175lbs., and have a fluctuating body fat percentage that allows me to see 4 abdominals if I’ve been watching my beer intake carefully.

Genetically, I’m moderately built. I’ve always been able to maintain a somewhat above average level of muscle mass and low bf percentage with minimum effort. Scratch that.

No effort. And strength always came along with very little training as well. Within my first quarter of “weight training” in college, I was benching and squatting 315, at a body weight of 150lbs. I smoked, drank, and never even considered the nutritional aspect of food.

Fast forward 9 years… after seeing pictures of myself after a vacation about 8 months ago, I nearly shat myself. Who was this pudgy fuck? Where did all that fucking lard come from? I decided to make a change. I quit smoking, started eating clean, counting calories, and exercising 6 days a week. I made some progress.

I got stronger! I saw some definition again! I lost some fat! So, of course I took the next logical step: I “rewarded” myself with a drinking night. Then another. And another. Each followed of course by a binge eating session (ever heard of the Jim’s Steakout Stinger?). Needless to say, my body transformation dreams went limp like whiskey dick.

About a month ago I started browsing articles in T-Nation. As a fellow psychology major and writer, Shugart immediately stood out to me as a motivational force I could relate to. I started reading his articles, and realized I was pissed off enough to take the next step in body transformation.

Always the skeptic, I thought I could pull this diet off without the prescribed supplements and made an attempt at doing my own “V-Diet”. Two days in, I experienced painful bouts of hunger, a shite mood, and pitiful energy levels. Which pissed me off even more…

So, here I am, day 4 of the real V-Diet. I feel great. Workouts have been awesome. And I kid you not, I am already seeing results in the mirror. I am absolutely determined to transform my body into a chiseled instrument of masculine beauty which women will find impossible to resist. There, I said it.

In advance, thank you Chris Shugart, Chad Waterbury, and the rest of the V-Diet crew.

How the hell are the rest of you V-Dieters doing?!

Oh, this is going to be a good one! Perfect attitude here!

Thanks Chris!


H: 5’7
W: 175
Neck: 15.5
Shoulders: 47
Chest U: 42.5
Chest L: 38
Waist navel: 33
Waist largest: 33.5
Hips: 37
Bicep L: 14.5
Bicep R: 14.5
Leg UL: 22.5
Leg UR: 22.5
Calf L: 15
Calf R: 15
Ankle L: 9
Ankle R: 9





First HSM!
Grilled marinated bison, sweet potato wedges, avocado wedges, mixed greens with EV olive oil, balsamic vinegar, feta, and steamed broccoli.
I had a couple mouthgasms before I even took a bite!


here’s a different plating of the same meal. what can I say… I was excited!

Great post. Good Luck, emotions through this experiance is pretty tough!
I am on Day 20 and pretty excited. I also feel I could/should lose more wieght! I feel good, but I guess I expected it to be more dramatic since this is so dramatic.

Who knows I still have one week and 2 week transition. You look like you are on to a great start! Best wishes and keep on going strong as it becomes much harder, you have to keep strong. Especially social events and when your family/friends are eating a GIANT slice of your favorite Pizza! And then, noone understands this more than we do!! So if you ever need anything we are all here to help

Best wishes

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Today is my third HSM yay

Thank you Tia!

I’m treating this as a 6 week program as opposed to a 4 week + transition… so the way I see it you shouldn’t be discouraged, you’ve still got 3 weeks to attain your goals! I think I might just have to skip out on social occasions that involve pizza… I could live off the stuff.

Thanks again for the post!

OMG! Food Porn! OMG, that looks so good I am salivating! Okay, I need to go somewhere else! :slight_smile:

Just finished the vburn challenge… holy shit. First three rounds were rough, last three had me in a zone. 37minutes total. Room for improvement, that’s for sure.

Day 12:
This program/diet is incredible. My avatar pic, along with this pic were taken last night, so technically day 11.

Flexing, so yes of course it looks better than my “before” back picture, but undeniable that fat is MELTING off.

I feel lighter, and stronger. I have been adding weight to my lifts in the gym. Stamina has gone down a little, it’s taking longer to complete some sets, but I think that just means I’m using the right amount of weight for this program.

I am blown away by the results thus far, and I still have another 4 weeks to go! I am now totally confident that I will reach single digit body fat percentages for the first time in my life!!

Woohoo! Looking good. :wink:

Damn! Your back looks hot!

[quote]firmgrrrl wrote:
OMG! Food Porn! OMG, that looks so good I am salivating! Okay, I need to go somewhere else! :)[/quote]

Seriously!!! I have my 2nd HSM tomorrow and you definitely gave me some ideas…

Welcome to the V-Diet forum, btw :slight_smile:

Great progress! Looking forward to seeing how you do.


HSM 2: Grilled ahi and seared salmon tacos using cauliflower “tortillas.” Topped with yogurt lime chipotle sauce.

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