About to Begin Velocity Diet - 2 Quick Questions!


I purchased what I thought I would need for the V-diet separately from Biotest (didn’t see the package before purchase) and they are sold out of the Biotest Superfoods. Should I still start the diet with this supplement eliminated from the morning shake? Also - I have been on a keto diet and I’m just looking for faster results for a month - has anyone ever gone back straight to keto after completing 28 days of Velocity? Any problems? Thank you! Thank you in advance for the help, I know newbies can be annoying. :blush:


You definitely can. The Superfood is very helpful, from a health and nutrition perspective, but it has no calories so it doesn’t affect the diet in that regard.

Start the diet ASAP since you have the most important stuff (Metabolic Drive, Plazma, and Flameout) and until Superfood comes back in stock, I’d just make sure to have a salad or generally big serving of vegetables and maybe a little fruit as part of the carbs in the HSM.

I’m sure it’s happened before. The V-Diet itself is pretty low carb, but you’re getting 110g per day plus whatever’s in the daily HSM (76g less on non-lifting days, since there’s no Plazma), so it might not actually be keto. If it’s actually a little higher carb than you’re used to, factor that into any progress pics and/or weight change.

Bah, ntt even. Much better to ask questions and get it sorted out than to muddle around, muck it up, and then say, “See, ‘the plan’ didn’t even work.”