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Post your questions about how to most efficiently use Indigo-3G as a complement to a smart nutrition plan.


Was thinking about getting some indigo 3g and had some questions. I take alpha male, Rev z, and flame out. Plus, use your protein. The 3g is an expensive investment, which is fine, but how long does a guy take it? And how does the “average” guy use it? I work out 4 to 5 days a week and take amino acids and your creatine before a workout. Just want to be informed before I purchase, thanks.


I ran through a bottle of Indigo 3G Last Month. Hard to say if I saw results or not. I am not sure if I am taking at the right time.

Going off the bottle this is more to do with my eating than working out.

Either take it before I eat or before I take my shake?

I work out everyday in the morning.
I start my day with a homemade tea I make, vitamins, glutamine chewables, then maybe something small like an apple and then I hit the gym.
After that I take my shake, wait a little then a small lunch and so on.
Some days I go back to the gym in the evening, in case I split my routine, (cardio in morning and weights at night) I also do a couple HIIT classes at night.

I just want to make sure I am not taking anything before or after the INDIGO that will affect it and to make sure when I should be taking it. It is really hard for me to burn stomach fat and I hope this can help.


I just finished my first week of taking SWF and ICG. On the positive side, my ability to work out harder and do more reps did noticeably increase. I also noticed that my weight went from 205.2 up to 205.4 which isn’t the end of the world but considering the amount of work I put in (I’m doing Dan Johns’ 10,000 kettlebell swings workout) I assumed I would see some weight loss. Admittedly I did not monitor my nutrition, but the only junk I ate this week was 2 slices of pizza and 2 cups of Chicago style popcorn. I increased my carbs this week based on the literature on ICG (and I am generally carb-phobic). So I am wondering…

  1. Did I just eat too much (I know w/o tracking hard to say)
  2. Too many carbs (most came from SWF white rice, and fruit)
  3. Is ICG better for strictly weight lifting as opposed to what I’m currently doing?
  4. Lastly, (considering I have 3 weeks left on the program) should I switch to Plazma so I can keep doing this program from hell and lower my carbs after the peri- workout infusion?

I’d appreciate any advice. I need to get my re-order in asap, and my wife is giving me the stink eye about the money I’ve spent and plan to continue to spend so I need results.

Thanks in advance for any advice