About Getting Sick/Colds on the V-Diet

From everything I read on the V-Diet people swear to get sick because of the lower calorie intake on the V-Diet. Meaning, they think their immune system is compromised to the point where they catch a cold etc. I have a different perspective on this.

You are having carbohydrate and calorie withdrawl. Your body is fighting you on the lower calorie intake and lack of carbs the brain would desire to operate without using ATP.

I have experienced this on EVERY Velocity Diet I have done (5 total now) and it is brutal every time. Around the end of the first week (if you give your body rest) you start to feel better.

I just want to ATTEMPT to debunk the myth that you get sick on the V-Diet because your immune system is compromised.

Any thoughts??

Yes I’m with you, I’ve also done the V-Diet without any sickness issues. Going on a diet does not make you sick or compromise your immune system. I’m sure most of these people are mentally weak and always victimize themselves. If they’re used to eating total crap all the time then there will probably be a small adjustment period with serious cravings as food/sugar is literally addictive, but like you said after a week or so you’re used to it.

I’ve read these posts as well, two days into the diet and they’re “sick”, headaches all the time, woe-is-me.

Here’s a quick story I heard once: two people start to feel sick. One person says, “oh my gosh, I’m getting sick I just know it. I’m gonna wake up tomorrow and feel so terrible, I’ll be sick for days, ugh, it’s going to be terrible.” The other person says, “I think I’m getting sick, so I’m going to be sure to take my vitamins, get lots of sleep, I’ll wake up tomorrow and feel better.” They’re both right. I’m sure these sick V-Dieters are from column A.

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