Aaron V-Dieting Again

This is my third time around, I’ve completed it each time and have had some good outcomes (aside from the weight loss). This time my aim for doing it is to get closer to 100kg and be lean. I’ve been hovering between 105-110kg for the past 6 months or so. I guess I enjoy the challenge of the V-Diet, and it’s time for a challenge :slight_smile:

Loss in weight really helps for running and BJJ too and I have both to improve on by end of August.

So my starting stats, top to bottom (shoulders are hard to measure, not sure they’ll be accurate) :

Weight - 113.8kg

Neck - 45cm
Shoulders - 134cm
Chest - 117.5cm
Upper Abs - 106.5
Waist - 101.5cm
Hips - 111cm
Thigh - 70.5cm
Arms - 37.7cm

Pinches with slimguide -
Abs - 12mm
Thigh - 16mm
Chest - 8mm

I’ve been trying to do perfect rep type stuff for the last 3-6 months so all my PRs are 3rep stuff :

Bench - 120kgx3
BB Row - 120kgx3
Squat - 160kgx3
Chin Up - 110kgx3
Snatch - 75kgx1
Deadlift - 180kgx3

I’ve got some pics which I’ll chuck up later. I’m looking forward to getting this underway. I reckon I’ll try and weigh every day, but do measurements and pics once a week.


Gotta love those challenges. Best of luck to you; I’ll be keeping up to date.

Got the pics from this morning :

Front Relaxed -
Side Relaxed -
Back Relaxed -
Front Flexed -

You can see all the loose skin and stuff. Ah well, ain’t much I can do about that. Definitely a bunch of fat there though, no getting around that.

How the hell do I get rid of my face outta that image? Grrr.

Anyway today was piece of cake really, it always is. From what I remember it only starts to get difficult around the later part of week one through to about the end of week two, after that I find I’m in the groove.

Today was a slow to start day. I know it sounds kinda lame, but my pet rabbit died on Saturday so I buried her and stuff yesterday and wasn’t really feeling it today. In any case this is what I worked up to over 6-8 sets (they’re in Kg) :

Bench : 125x2
BB Row : 115x3
Squat : 155x3
Chin Up : 115x3
Snatch : 65x2, 70x1

Then after work I walked home. It’s about 6km and takes me about an hour. Listened to the remaining part of Animal Farm whilst doing so. Now I need a new audio book, I have a feeling I’m going to plough through them pretty quickly now.

Tomorrow is my usual deadlift, arms, abs workout. I might run to work and also probably have BJJ in the evenings. Time for bed!

Morning Weight - 112.9kg

Today was pretty easy as well. I forgot to eat in the morning, but kept pretty much on track for the rest of the day.

Workout this morning was pretty lackluster, I wasn’t feeling it as I felt pretty rushed to be at work early and headphone were giving me the shit. I tweaked my shoulder doing dips but seems to be fine.

Worked up to the following in kg :

Dips - 113x3
Pull Ups - 113x3
Ab Roll Outs 2x12 (unweighted)
Skull Crushers - 50x3
BB Curls - 50x3
Leg Raises (Legs flat to perp) - x6

Feeling pretty good.

Morning Weight - 110.7kg (-3.1kg)

Last night I walked home from work, it’s about 6km and takes me about an hour. Listening to Count of Monte Cristo so I’m getting educated while I do it :slight_smile:

Morning workout felt pretty good actually, I chucked some Staminade in with my pre-workout shake for some carbs and magnesium, with an ample supply of caffeine it went pretty well :slight_smile:

Worked up to the following in kg :

Bench - 2 sets 120x3
BB Row - 120x3
Squat - 2 sets 155x3
Chin Up - 2 sets 110x3 (BW)
Snatch - 2 singles of 70kg

My damn calluses are playing up as I finally was able to trim them down last night, otherwise I probably would’ve pushed my snatch further.

So far so good!

Morning Weight - 109.4kg (-4.4kg)

Another walk home from work, slowly working my way through the Count of Monte Cristo. If guys actually were like that back then, jesus what a bunch of women. Tough my ass :slight_smile:

I felt pretty gassed at my workout today, luckily it’s the ancillary stuff like arms and abs. I just do deadlifts to kinda keep my groove as I’m trying to push my main lifts in my M-W-F workouts.

Today I worked up to :

Deads - 150kg x 3
Dips - 2set 110kg x 3 (BW)
Chin Ups - 2set 110kg x 3 (BW)
Ab Rollouts - 2set x12 (BW)
Skull Crushers - 2set 47.5kg x 3
BB Curls - 2 set 50kg x 3
Hanging Leg Raises to Parallel - 6 sets of 6

It all felt alright but I definitely had nothing like the energy I might normally have for deadlifts.

I bought some Thermogenics yesterday and they’ll likely arrive tomorrow/Monday. It’s well regarded stuff. Sadly Biotest stuff here is expensive. Also most of the thermos in Australia are watered down.

I’m trying to cut back on the caffeine too. Was up to probably close to a gram a day (I have powdered stuff for PreWO) including preWO and coffees.

Haven’t really had any cravings yet. I tend to go through a couple tablespoons of proper Cacao powder a day and love it in my shakes, so I guess that’s all I’m really missing so far :slight_smile:

Nice results so far…that’s almost 10 pounds lost in less than a week (for all of us who don’t speak metric).

Keep it up! Can’t believe you’re doing this for a THIRD time! That really takes some stones, man.

(which is equal to 6.35 kg, by the way)

@serge - haha yeah I was wondering if I should do the conversions or just let interested parties do it for themselves :slight_smile: Yeah, you know what they say, third times the charm. I used to weight close to 450lbs (5 years ago) so maybe I’ll post some of those pics for comparison too :stuck_out_tongue:

You should post those pics…I’m sure it would be good inspiration for the people who are going through it for the first time.

Morning Weight - 108.5kg (-5.3kg)

Did my walk home from work again yesterday. On my walk home I walk past a Hungry Jacks (in the US they’re Burger King) and so that smell was pretty nice. I don’t generally crave fast food anyway but I did get a pang of wanting a burger :slight_smile: I haven’t had fast food (Macdonalds, Hungry Jacks, KFC, etc) for probably about a year I reckon.

Yesterday I forgot to bring some protein powder home so I had to get some emergency stuff from the local store. I can see how some people would like this Vanilla flavour (it’s kinda like maple syrup) but for me it’s not flash. It’s funny as the chocolate and banana flavours of this stuff are amazing and I’ve had a lot of powders over the last 3-4 years @ 1-3 shakes a day.

I mixed up a tablespoon of peanut butter with about 3 teaspoons of cacao powder. It was bitter, but good, and was like chewing gum. I swear it took me a couple of minutes of chewing to be able to swallow it :slight_smile:

I felt completely gassed in my workout this morning, big movements all suffered pretty badly even with a nice carb injection beforehand. I had to cut the snatches short as I have torn a callused part of my hand again.

Worked up to :

Bench - 2 set 115x3
Row - 2 set 115x3
Squat - 2 set 145x2
Chin Up - 2 set 109x3(BW)
Snatch - 60x2 (busted callus)

So, I’m really starting to feel the suck. Hopefully after a weekend of rest I’ll get some energy back!

The original weight loss wasn’t the V-Diet, I lost 100kg over 12 months through diet and exercise. Have done the V-Diet a few times since then to get my diet back in order. There is an article by Chris, something about levels of dieting. I have used the V-Diet and basically each time it’s kinda landed me one point up the ladder. This time, hopefully will be one of the last, though I think doign a strict week here and there would always be handy.

Will post some pics later I reckon.

Someone asked for the pics from when I started at the VERY beginning… no wheel shots :stuck_out_tongue: This is me at 200kg …

200 Kg front

200 Kg from side

115kg (start of this V-Diet)

115kg start of this v-diet

Morning Weight - 107.7kg (-6.1kg)

Last night I walked home again, and then went round to my mates house. His wife had cooked brownies and so they had brownies and ice cream… damn it smelled good. They’re both super fit themselves, and only asked once if I wanted some. Good people.

Went out after that to a club event and stuck around a while and then went home. Usually I’d have been pretty drunk and maybe even gotten crap food on the way home. It felt good to wake up after 6 hours sleep and feel refreshed…

Saturday today and actually got some rest and a HSM. I had some chicken breast strips marinated in red curry with a big salad and some sweet potato, cauliflower and caramelised onions. I’m feeling pretty full.

I’m going to pickup a couple of rabbits tomorrow which should be good fun.

I’m just glad to have a couple of days of rest and sleep ins. I’m going to go for a walk tonight but have been generally cleaning the place most of the day anyway.

Hopefully a bit of a recharge will pump my workouts back up next week :slight_smile: started seeing some top ab definition the last couple of days, but we’ll see if the camera can see the same.

Looks like the 200Kg front pic didn’t work…

I put it up here anyway :

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