A Swimmer on the Velocity Diet

Hey, I’m an active swimmer who needs to be swimming at the very least for an hour a day, but I really need this diet to slim down quick. How would I be able to properly incorporate this diet with my daily swim training? I was thinking of using the weight training as a form of dry land, but wasn’t sure on how the results might be.

I usually swim in the mornings and would be able to lift in the evenings. Thanks in advance for your help!

Many athletes have used the V-Diet with success with minor adjustments. For example, no need for the daily NEPA since you’ll be swimming. You may also need to adjust the amounts up a little (as outlined in the ebook). You still need the weight training of course, but that’s only 3 days per week as outlined (plus a bodyweight workout day).

Great, I’ll make sure to make the adjustments! Thank you, really looking forward to the results at the end of this

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