A Revelation About the Workouts

I just finished week three of the V-Diet and I was a little bummed about my workout on Friday. Before I started the diet I was training using the New Rules of Lifting and had gotten my 1RM on the bench press to about 225.

But when I started the intermediate workout on 20 June, I only used 155 the first week because of the 30 second rest periods and supersetting them with the deadlifts and chin-ups. So that first week I did 4 sets of 8 at 155lbs and was at muscle failure by the end of my last set. Had a spotter but didn’t need him until that last rep.

Now fast forward two weeks to yesterday’s workout. This time I was only able to do 4 sets of 10 at 145lbs for the first 2 sets then 135 for the last 2 sets. And to top it all off I had to have someone spot me on the last set and needed help with the last rep. It was kind of embarrassing and frustrating to need a spot with 135 pounds. It really threw the rest of my day and I was upset because I figured I must be losing more muscle than I thought.

But today I decided to check the volume. Imagine my surprise when I realized that even though the weight had gone down, the overall volume had actually gone up by almost 700 pounds! That first week if you add up all the weight for the bench press you get 4960 pounds. And when you add up yesterday’s bench you get 5600 pounds. Just goes to show you can’t just look at the weight for the individual lift and you have to take the volume into consideration.

Don’t know what to say other than it makes sense.

I really don’t want to loose too much strength on this program though. =(

Yeah, I didn’t either. But I guess the whole point of posting this was that I wanted people to see that even if the weights go down, don’t automatically assume you are getting weaker.

That’s slightly disturbing to me actually. But since the rest periods are so short I’ve tried to drastically increase the amount of clapping push ups and go as high as possible. Also just remember once your off the diet it will probably only take about 2 weeks to get yourself to the weights you were at prediet. Thank you muscle memory.
I honestly can’t wait to get off this diet already. I’m on my last week and I’m so bored only working out 3 days a week. I really need to get back to 5 and throw in some real hiit trainging. I’m so psyched but I know I’m not suppose to push it like I want to with the caloriee deficit. Not that the fat loss lifting program isn’t hard but its not appealing anymore.

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