A Record of the Madness....SM's V-Diet Log

Today was day one of my first V-Diet. Things I learned:

  1. Banana flavored MD isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.
  2. The shakes fill me up to the point it’s hard to finish them.
  3. HOT-ROX make me feel like shit.
  4. Drinking room temperature or warm shakes is like drinking puke…especially if they’re the ones with flax seeds.
  5. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Let the masochism continue.

Here’s my starting stats:

Height 5’9
Weight 156.0
Neck 13
Shoulders 38
Chest - Upper 33
Chest - Lower 30
Waist - at Navel 27
Waist - at largest 28.5
Hips - at largest 35
Upper Arm - L 11
Upper Arm - R 11
Upper Leg - L 23
Upper Leg - R 23
Lower Leg - L 14
Lower Leg - R 14
Ankle - L 8.5
Ankle - R 8.5

Aaand here’s a link to some before pictures if anyone cares…my lard ass may upset everyone, but what’s a V-Diet log for if not extreme pre-diet embarassment.

Welcome Sydney to the madness! The HOT-ROX bad feeling will go away it just takes a few days. The shakes also get better and I have heard you learn to like them (I’m not quite there yet but it is getting easier)Just keep using this board when you are feeling down or having a hard day. We all keep each other going and give great tips. You are going to rock this!

Right on Sidney, for the HOT-ROX try only one rather then two. I know when I first tried them I jumped right on the 2 pills 2 times a day and man was I wired (shakes ect), but I took it down to 1 pill 2 times a day and it was loads better.

Welcome aboard!

  1. Play with the amount of water you use – more or less.

  2. Take HR with a shake if you feel nausea. Still works great.

  3. A warm shake is never a good thing. That’s why I always suggest ice (and a blender.) Makes a world of difference. Turns “warm, thick liquid” into “Dairy Queen milkshake.”

You can attach pics here with the “Choose File” button after you hit reply. Be brave; we’re here for ya!

Any Q’s be sure to hit me up in the Ask Chris thread.

With Day 2 in the books, it’s time to begin day 3.

Yesterday went well, workout was challenging (I felt weak…low carbs, maybe?), didn’t sleep too well last night and here it is 5am and I’m about to take my HOT-ROX. Gotta open the store thismorning…groan.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my Day 1 post. The supportive comments really help, especially when the fam is being less than helpful. I’m pretty sick of the phrases “you’ve lost your mind” and “are you sure you don’t want a bite of this?”. They think the latter is funny. I think they can kiss my ass.

Here’s to a great day 3. Keep up the hard work, everyone!

I wasn’t sleeping well at first either but now its day seven and I slept great. So it definately gets better.

I checked out your pictures and i must say you are starting off looking good. After 28 days you are going to look CRAZY HOT!

yea, the sleep will come. I think I went through 3 days where I couldn’t really sleep. Which was weird to me because I’ve taken HRX before without anything like that happening

Day 3 is almost OVERRRR.

Today was rough. Worked from 6am til 2:30pm waiting tables in a crazy busy restaraunt. Slammed all day, but made $200.

Because I had a hard time sleeping last night, I was tired all day, craved “real” food, and apparently Domino’s Pizza has conspired against me because every other commercial on TV is for their new pasta bread bowls (as though I would ever eat that, but mmmm…bread bowl). However, despite all the bullshit, I have not, can not, and WILL NOT cheat this diet or fall off the wagon.

I’m about 40 minutes from my bedtime shake (it’s 7:30 here on the east coast) and then it’s over for the day! HSM is tomorrow (I know, day 4 is early for the first HSM, but my mom is going out of town for two weeks, so we’re celebrating mother’s day tomorrow by going out for dinner). I plan to have a grilled chicken breast, tons of salad, and some fruit. Yum…can’t wait.

Before I go walk the dogs and finish up for the day, I just wanna say thanks again to everyone who commented and encouraged me today - it really did make a huge difference. Also, jeholland, you made my day. Thanks so much :wink:

'Night everyone! See y’all tomorrow.

Ditto on the sleep. My first 4 nights were super restless.

Did you get a blender yet? I’ve had some strawberry shakes that have made “food eaters” jealous.

Hey Sidney,
Thanks for stopping by my thread. I don’t put anything extra in the strawberry ones. I like the flavor as it is - well, at the end of wk 1 I do. By wk 3 I might feel differently. To avoid that I was thinking of finding a rasperry extract/sugar-free syrup to kind of mimick a strawberry/raspberry smoothie. I’ll keep ya posted.

I haven’t tried the almond/coconut in chocolate yet. I just bought the extracts last night, so I’ll probably do it today.

I did put some coffee extract in a choc shake last night. Was ok - still too sweet for my taste. I’m going to try using cold coffee instead of water w/my next choc shake. I’ve heard of a few people on here enjoying that.

Day 4 almost done! Went out to dinner with Mom tonight, had my first HSM…holy shit.

I don’t think I’ve ever in my life enjoyed food like I did during dinner. It was to the point that I tuned everything out, focused on the flavors of everything, and enjoyed every bite. Yum. Got a little crazy trying to taste everything, though…Mom got shrimp and I took a little bite of cocktail sauce with horseradish and found it completely delicious.

I ate a grilled chicken breast on top of salad mix, a little bit of olive oil-based dressing (on the side, of course), some steamed veggies, a small amount of crushed pecans (probably 3 pecan halves total) and a few slices of oranges and strawberries.

I couldn’t believe how fast I got full! I’ve read about other people experiencing this, but I figured my experience would be more similar to the rapid-speed food shoveling of a competitve eater. Just goes to show, Mr. Shugart really knew what he was doing when he designed this program.

Well, almost time for my bedtime shake and sleep. I feel really ready to tackle this thing head-on tomorrow. 24 more days to go!

Drinking dinner shake right now…day 6 almost done. Ugh.

So. Sick. Of. Shakes. I. Want. Chicken.

Lifting yesterday was AWESOME. I drank Surge while I was working out and I felt really strong the whole time.

Today has gone by very slowly, but I’ve done fine. Drank shake 1 at 8am, shake 2 at 11am, shake 3 at 3:30pm, and now I’m on shake 4 at 6:15. Gonna drink shake 5 around 9, bed by 10.

Hope everyone is doing well - as for me, I’m counting down the days til HSM on Sunday.

Oh, also, today is day 6 and I was down 2.5 pounds as of thismorning. Yay!

Mix chocolate and strawberry, chocolate and banana, strawberry and banana, etc. They really do taste different that way and you get a little more variety before going to syrup-type flavorings.

Demo Dick

Sounds like you are doing great keep it up. I found that after about 2 weeks I don’t even taste the shakes anymore its just kind of there now the peanut butter thats another story.

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