A New Year, A New Beginning


Hi All,

Just started my V-Diet today!

A short introduction: I have about 10 years of training experience, have never competed, but more used weight training as an extra curricular activity, although I don’t view myself as an amateur when it comes to workout and nutrition, right of the bat, I fell in love with the sport, have ever since read tons of books, articles etc. and am a frequent T-Nation visitor.

Weight training has definitely done my body good, but I have most of my life always been what you call skinny-fat, I have lost weight several times before, but never to that six-pack level.

This year has been pretty good on the workout and nutrition part, I have not beat any personal bests, but overall I have improved my posture, my cardio, and my current weight is about 4kg lighter then 12 months ago, but I haven’t trained the last 4 weeks, because of holiday, which has also been pretty unhealthy (12 days binge drinking in Thailand, followed by family Christmas, and then another drunk New Year Party), the scale doesn’t say that I have gained weight, but without a doubt I have lost some muscle/strength.

Since I am a fairly small guy, I don’t expect a huge weight loss, but the goal is a 5-6 kilo weight-loss after the 6 week period, and given the fact that I havenâ??t worked out in 4 weeks, I also expect some strength gains.

I don’t expect to completely change my diet after having completed the V-Diet, but I plan to follow the program with 4 weeks of a clean diet, with one cheat meal per week, and then of course some heavy lifting.

Although I plan to follow the V-Diet completely, there are a couple of points where I cut corners:
I have not bought HOT-ROX, I tried them a couple of years ago, but they wreck havoc on my immune system, so in case I need an energy booster, I will supplement with Caffeine pills.

I am following the intermediate workout, but since I don’t have access to an ab-roller, I will use hand-walkout both on Mondays and Fridays.
I have not been able to find milled flaxseeds in my area, I will try again over the weekend, and maybe have them for next week.

Also I expect to use some kind of sauce to my HSM, I simply need that as a reward to look forward to.
My 4 shake(the dinner shake) will on workout days be half before my workout, and then the other half during workout, I am so used to drinking a workout shake during my training, that I don’t feel like changing that now.

Supplements: on top of the basic V-Diet supplement stack, I take vitamin D, Multi Vitamin, Leucine(2g for every shake), ZMA, and a cheaper brand fiber pills.

I will post my weight and measurements either tomorrow or Wednesday, and then try to follow up this log as much as possible.

Wish me good luck, and to all other current V-Dieters: ‘You Just Gotta Keep On Keepin’ On’!


Day 1:
Hi Again,

Okay, so Today was my first day on the V-Diet. Since i had loads of carbs yesterday(hangover day on the couch, with pizza, coke and ice-cream) the diet itself hasn’t been that bad today.

I had enough energy today, although I havn’t slept that much the last 3 days, I woke up early and did a 30min nepa walk, and now just finished my workout about 2.5 hours ago (time: 23 minutes), and will have my last shake of the day in a minute.

Unfortunately I woke up this morning with a soar throat, and have been feeling a slight fever during the day, but I am hitting the bed early today, which will hopefully take care of that little problem, I also got a letter from the hospital, that during a test of an infection in both my knees 2 weeks ago(was on anti-biotics until saturday, which has taken care of the infection), they have found traces of streptococci, so I will have to see my dctor this week, and probably go on another anti-biotic, I hope this won’t interfere with my diet.
Due to the sickness, and the fact that it has been some time since I have lifted, I used heavy weights, and had a tough workout, although next monday I can already set up the weight for most of the exercises, since I could have pushed myself further today. Also, I have had to take paracetamol, and some sugar-free drops for my troat throughout the day, so not the best start, but hope it will be better tomorrow.

Keep On Keepin’ On!


Day 2:
Started of like S**T, I woke up early with an even worse throat then yesterday and a fever(it all started before the V-Diet), so have had to resort to 3,5g of paracetamol(so far) and also continued the use of sugar free drops for the throat…

But otherwise I have followed the diet as planned, had 4 shakes today, finished my NEPA walk(the plan was to do a 50-80min NEPA walk on non workout days and then 30min on workout days, but due to my health issues, i settled for 32min today), and will have my last shake in 2 hours, and then make it a very early night, hopefully 10hours of sleep can cure me.

My thoughts have been more on just getting through the work-day and not so much on the diet, but I had expected that the food cravings would come today, but they haven’t, although I think about the foods I see around me, and of course want to take a bite, the will power and motivation is still very strong, so those thoughts are squashed immediately, and I haven’t felt real hunger yet.

I am dreading tomorrow, since getting though the Wednesday workout with a fever will be tough, so again hopefully I am a lot better tomorrow.

Here are my measurements.(in kg and cm)

Age: 28
Height: 178
Weight: 70,7
Fat%: 15,9 (a simple fat measurement from my scale, so not necessarily the most accurate)
Neck: 36,5
Shoulders: 110
Chest Upper: 96,5
Chest Lower: 92
Waist Navel: 83
Waist Largest: 90
Hips Largest: 99
UpperArm L: 31,5
UpperArm R: 31,5
UpperLeg L: 57,5
UpperLeg R: 57,5
LowerLeg L: 37
LowerLeg R: 37
Ankel L: 20,5
Ankel R: 20,5

(the measurements were taken Friday 30.12.11, i.e. 3 days before my V-Diet start, the reason being, that my diet over the weekend, because of new years, wasn’t normal, and therefore I started my V-Diet on a slightly higher weight, but that was not my normal weight and measurements, so Friday was a pretty good picture of my average over the past 2 months.)

Keep On Keepin’ On!


Day 3:
Unfortunately still have a cold…i could also feel my stomach working, nothing really bad, but it is definitely trying to get use to this new diet, i will now doubled my intake of fiber pills.

The hunger is still not the biggest issue, i feel full most of the day, and since I try to go to bed early(around 21:30-22:00) I don’t really get to the point where i get night cravings.
But I am starting to see a tendency in my energy, since everyday at around 14:30 i have a small energy crash for about a half an hour, where I most of all just want to take a nap(due to work, that is of course not an option), i have my lunch shake between 12:00-12:45 and then I have my afternoon snack shake at 15:30(this shake is 1 scoop MD, but here I also include my 2 scoops of Superfood from my dinner shake, and this normally gives me a bit of energy again) as mentioned before I don’t use HOT-ROX, but I have caffeine pills, that I could take, but due to the cold, I don’t want to push my immune system, so will wait a couple of days before I begin supplementing with caffeine in the afternoon, otherwise I might start next week with another shake (1 scoop MD from my dinner shake) and then try to drink 2 shakes during the afternoon(at 14:00 and at 16:00).

Another thing that has deffinitely been affected is my sleep, I go to bed earlier then I would normally(all a part of my approach), and don’t have a big problem falling asleep, but since monday, I have woken up every night a couple of hours after going to bed, and then having trouble falling back to sleep, I am not sure what exactly causes this, but I hope the issue will disappear within this week.

I was starting to get a fever again during the afternoon, so just before I left the office, I took 1,5g paracetamol, and then another 1g when I came home, and then directly after that did my wednesday training. It actually went pretty well, again I might have been a little low with the weights, but I still feel I got a good workout, and know what to adjust next week, completed the training in 36min.

Keep On Keepin’ On!


Day 4:
Am still plagued by the cold, but felt a tiny bit better today, so cut down a bit on the paracetamol, but I am still stuck with the sugar free drops for my throat, which just bugs me, since they yield xtra calories, but I will have to accept it, hopefully I am back to normal on Sunday.

Followed the plan as usual today, and on my way home from work I did my NEPA walk(again only 30min because of the cold), but the route today took me straight through a popular street here in Copenhagen, were I passed the following: 5 bakers, 14 pizza/kebab places, 4 Sandwich bars, 2 indian restaurants, 1 Chinese restaurant, 5 food serving cafés, and a bunch of other temptations, this is the first time I really noticed how many of these places were on that street: Could I eat a pizza or a chicken masala? “Yes”, was it hard to resist? “No, not at all”. As mentioned before the hunger and food cravings havn’t really hit me yet, but I have started to look forward to my HSM on saturday:)

Ass is a bit soar from the reverse lunges yesterday, but otherwise I had good energy today.

Over the weekend, I will post more info about my exact diet, and also my approach to the v-diet.

Keep On Keepin’ On!


Day 5:
Finally my cold is on retreat, so started today with great energy, and have generally had one of those “I feel great and am filled with energy” days. Although I still woke up during the night and was awake for about an hour, so didn’t get the planned sleep, but anyways today was great!

I did my NEPA walk in the morning(36min), and just finished my Surge after a truly brutal workout, today I finally had energy to go all-in, and I did, completed the session in 51min, will definitely feel it tomorrow!

The diet has also worked out fine today, the shakes, except for Surge, still taste good(allthough i expect saying something different during next week). Again no real cravings, people at work ask me about not doing lunch with them, but the answers come quite easily, as mentioned before motivation and determination is at its peak this week. But I am looking forward to my HSM tomorrow, for the first time in my life I am actually really looking forward to a fresh green salad, and don’t get me wrong I do enjoy the crunchy fresh stuff, but have never really been excited about it before.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day, ofcourse followed later in the day by the V-burnout session and HSM, but i don’t really feel that I have lost any substantial weight, this is a result of me not lifting any weights for the past 4 weeks, with the workouts and the added protein(haven’t had this ratio of protein in years) i expect to have gained a bit of muscle, and then lost some water-weight/bloat, so expectations are about the same weight as last friday maybe a bit below, but I am expecting that the real results will come during the next two weeks.

Keep On Keepin’ On!


Day 6:
The Results Are In:
Did my weigh-in first thing this morning.
Weight Start: 70,7kg
Weight morning of day 6: 69,4
Weight Loss: 1,3kg (3 lbs)
Some additional info to the progress. First of all the weight loss is just as expected, and I am quite content with the result of todays weigh-in. As mentioned before, I am not a big guy, and won’t match some of the amazing numbers that other V-Dieters have experienced. Due to the health issues I have been battling with this week, I haven’t been able to give a 100% in my workouts and have also had to resort to remedies for my throat.Furthermore the starting weight was measured on friday 3 days before starting the V-Diet(reasons are explained in a previous post), so I have lost more weight since moday, also the starting weight of Friday was the 5th lowest I have recorded in 2 years, and todays weight is, as far as i remember, my lowest weight in 4 years.
(I won’t do measurements before week 4 and 6.)

Today was good, I woke up an hour before the alarm clock, it was the first night where I got full sleep, without waking in the middle of the night. I had great energy, started my day with a 40min. NEPA walk, and then followed the program as usual.
In the afternoon i went shopping for my HSM, a great experience:)…this was followed be an excruciating V-burnout Challenge, it was BRUTAL, I am not used to this all-in no rest kind of training, so after 4th circuit I seriously wanted to quit, but i muscled through it, completed the workout in 33min, am not looking forward to next saturday.

Then I enjoyed the most wonderful meal(HSM) I have had in a long time, I will detail the meal tomorrow, but I must admit, I am very full now, so will skip the bedtime shake.

For everyone doing their HSM today, ENJOY:)

Keep On Keepin’ On!


MY HSM from yesterday (day 6). (the picture shows 1 serving, I had about 1,75 servings)

As mentioned I planned to cheat with the sauce, it is a store bought bearnaise and my total serving (of bearnaise) yesterday yielded approx. 300cal. The chicken filet(approx. 350g), is marinated with lemon and BBQ spices and grilled on my Foreman-like Grill(cheaper brand, same principal), with that is a small serving(2 medium sized potatoes) of homemade oven baked potato slices(no oil used, just dipped in egg-white and seasoned with BBQ spices), and then a large serving of fresh salad(served just-as-is, without oil, dressing, vinegar etc.). To drink I had a 0.5l bottle of sparkling water.

It was a pure pleasure eating this meal, but I must admit that I had a problem with savouring every bite and going slow, so the first serving I had disappeared fairly quickly, I have to keep that in mind for my next HSM.

I had actually bought some grapes for dessert, but I went a bit over the top with main-dish, so was completely full, and therefore both skipped the dessert, and my bedtime shake.

Am already looking forward to next Saturday!


Day 7:
On the 7th day energy shall be taken!

First of all I didn’t fall asleep before around 03:00am, and therefore I slept a bit longer this morning, so not to loose a lot of sleep. When I got out of bed I felt beside myself, and was completely stripped of energy, I didn’t really have any hunger, just had no physical or mental strength, and also my stomach was quite upset. So I guess my body first of all reacted to the absolutely brutal V-burnout challenge, since every single muscle in my body was sore, but also to the HSM I had yesterday.

I had a few things planned for today, but have hardly done anything except being on the phone, the computer and watching televisions, thankfully this energy deficiency happened on a Sunday!

But on a positive note, I have still managed to follow the diet today, and also completed a 51min NEPA walk, but since I am still very tired, I have chosen to skip my dinner shake, and go directly to my bedtime shake, and once that is done, I will go to bed, and hopefully after a good nights sleep, I will regain some of my energy from day 5 and 6.

Keep On Keepin’ On!


Day 8:
Was still a little energy deprived when I woke up, but went for a fresh 34min NEPA walk, and once I hit the office I was back to my previous energy levels.

I didn’t feel as light as the previous days, like I had my HSM yesterday, but other then that followed the diet as usual, except I am completely off paracetamol and sugar free drops for my cold, so that’s great. So far still no real hunger or food craving issues today, although I have already started to plan my next HSM on Saturday, during the day I used some sugar free gum, and also had a caffeine pill in the afternoon.

I just finished Mondays workout, since I am back to normal health I could used heavier weights and am now training at the supposed intensity(forgot to prepare a weighted belt for the chin-up, so did that with BW, which resulted in 6 reps for the first set), completed the training in 28min.

I am sorry I didn’t post some additional info about my personal approach to the V-Diet over the weekend as promised, I will try to find time for that the next couple of days.

Keep On Keepin’ On!


Day 9:
Today has gone as planned, had good energy in the morning, although I lost it a bit here during the afternoon, so the planned NEPA walk was only 30min(wanted to do about 60min). Have finished my dinner shake, and now only the bedtime shake on the menu.

Today I had 2 “food” challenges, first of all I was hosting an all-day meeting for a department, and during the meeting the Manager brought, pastries, sweets and coke for everyone, and to top it all of set it all on my table right in front of me, now I am not an addict to sweets or pastries(on my normal diet, I would probably have had some, although not neccessarily) but the coke has in many years spoken to my inner devil, when it comes to the unhealthy stuff, but today it was no problem, the “No Thanks” is almost on auto-pilot now.
And On my way home I went browsing through a supermarked, thinking about my next HSM on saturday, and it was fun because I saw a lot of stuff that I could have eaten, but it never occured to me to buy anything else then a role of string to make a weighted belt for the chin-ups.

I must admit, so far it is going really well to stay on the diet, I thought by the 2nd week, I would have mad solid food cravings, but it hasen’t been bad at all. I have thought a bit about this, and I believe it all comes down to the mindset that one starts the diet with. I have many times in my life set myself a goal and then shortly after had to give up, and in the end not attain that goal(this of course does not reflect everything I ask of myself). But after giving it some thought, I believe what works so well for me(in the “sticking to the diet” department) is that I haven’t been this determined to complete anything in a long time, and I believe that will, in the end, be a valuable lesson for me. (This beeing said, I have not completed the diet and am nowhere near the last day yet, so things can still turn to the negative, but so far I am quite surprised of my own level of commitment to this)

Keep On Keepin’ On!


Day 10:
Only got about 6 hours of sleep, but had good energy in the morning, did a 28min NEPA walk first thing after waking up. A busy day at work, resulted in low energy in the late afternoon, so resorted to caffeine pills, then decided to do another 26min NEPA walk on my way home from work.

Had a good Wednesday workout, completed the session in 44min, it is great to be at the right weights, can definitely feel the difference from last weeks workouts to this week.

Followed the diet to the point, and had no problems doing so. All in all a good day.

Keep On Keepin’ On!


Day 11:
Had another long and challenging day at work which has really worn me out. But still got min 30min NEPA walk in, after coming home, and otherwise have followed the diet as usual.

Am really looking forward to my HSM on saturday, which i think will be something from the mexican kitchen.

A short update today, since I need my rest now.

Keep On Keepin’ On!


Day 12:
Had absolutely zero energy upon awaking, in some way I felt overtrained, my muscles were not sore, but just all tired, also felt like i was running very low on blood sugar. I slept badly(only about 5,5 hours) aswell, so have been tired all day, and the only thing on my mind was getting through the day as fast as possible,sticking to the diet and going to bed early. This has by far been the hardest day this week!

Did a 28min NEPA on the way home from work, and then also managed to push myself through fridays workout, but after the deadlifts i had no power left in my body, so not a fun session, just a constant struggle to keep going, this probably also compromised perfect form a couple of times, but I got through it, and finished the session in 48min.

Tomorrow is HSM day, and I can’t wait, I’m at the point where it is really necessary to give my taste-buds something other the MD-shakes.

Hope all of you other V-dieter have a better day then me.

Keep On Keepin’ On!


I am looking forward to my HSM meal too!!!

Some days are just so hard on this.

We are almost half way through the hardest part.


Thanks for the encouragement LeAnna, hope you enjoy your meal:)


Day 13:
Still Progressing, did my weigh-in first thing this morning:
Weight start: 70,7kg
Weight morning of day 6: 69,4kg
Weight morning of day 13: 68,2kg
Weight Loss: 2,5kg (5 lbs)
The progress for this week is what I had expected, so I am very content.

Did my first 3 shakes, have also had low energy today but did a 40min NEPA walk home from work in the afternoon, went shopping for my HSM and then did the V-Burnout Challenge, it was still very tough, but I think it went better then last week, completed the challenge in 27min.

I have now both enjoyed my HSM and a small dessert, but I have eaten way too much and my stomach is working overtime now, need to remember that for next week, and not cook so much, so I will skip my bedtime shake tonight, and head for bed soon.

Keep On Keepin’ On!


My HSM from yesterday (day 13). (the pictures show 1 serving, I had about 1,8 servings, until my stomach couldn’t handle anymore)

The menu was Fajita with a diced flank steak (450g) marinated in a pinch of lemon and fajita spice mix and prepared in a wok, then served in a wholeweat tortilla with fresh salad and homemade salsa. Furthermore I made a batch of homemade wholewheat tortilla chips, by cutting up one whole wheat tortilla, and baking them in the oven for about 7min, and serving them with the rest of the salsa mix with added veggies. For dessert I had about 2 handfulls of grapes and to drink I had 1L of corbonated water.

This serving was way too big for me, and after it took a cpouple of hours before my stomach was back to normal, but I was craving normal food so badly, so I just kept on eating, something to think about for next Saturday.


The Wholewheat Totilla Chips and Homemade Salsa with added veggies.


Day 14:
Again, just as last sunday, i completely crashed on energy today, and I am sure it is because of the HSM and V-burnout challenge yesterday, apparently my body just reacts very strongly to those two things combined. But this time I planned for it, so except for my 60min NEPA walk today, I have basically been inactive.

I also haven’t had any real hunger today, so again I skipped my dinner shake and went straight to my bedtime shake, due to the large amount of food I had yesterday, I don’t believe that will make a big difference.

I hope I will be back to a normal energy level tomorrow.

One last thing, I must say the taste of MD is getting more and more boring for every day now, which doesn’t exactly make the diet easier.

Keep On Keepin’ On!