A Great Use for Plazma

There is nothing better than a good Plazma shot while climbing Mount Washington.

My wife on the picture preparing herself for the most strenuous part of the hike !!!

Another one !

Last week, we went camping in North Conway and we climbed three days:
Day one: Mount Washington
Day two: Mount Monroe
Day three: Mount Little Haystack, Lincoln and Lafayette

That week, we did more thant 45km walk in mountain for a total of 3500m of climbing !!!

We brought our Plazma RTD with us, I can say that it was there when we needed it the most !!!

Thank you guys !!!

Very cool. Thanks for the pics!

She can’t live withour her Plazma… we are at the gym every morning and she needs it !!!

Dumb question maybe but where’d you get the bottle? Is Plazma premade somewhere already bottled?

Another dumb question. How do I get the bottled Plazma?

There exists a RTD version of Plazma? What?!?

We offered it in the Biotest store for a while, sort of a test run. Not sure what the status is on that right now. You may want to email Biotest Customer Service.

the OP has a listed location of Canada, so maybe we’re just missing out?

[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:
We offered it in the Biotest store for a while, sort of a test run. Not sure what the status is on that right now. You may want to email Biotest Customer Service. [/quote]
I definitely miss the RTD bottles. Was very convenient when lifting during my lunch hours at work.

I too really liked the Plazma RTD. It was so convenient for me, so much so that I was also pawning for a MAG-10 RTD.

There was only one problem with the RTDs: the taste. Somehow during the pasteurization process (or whatever was used by law to treat products like this), something happened to the taste. I believe the efficacy of the product was still on par with the powdered version, but the taste never was quite the same as what one got by mixing their own.

Also, I think the original Plazma RTD product developed some “slime” (if I’m recalling the conversation correctly) after sitting for awhile…this wasn’t bad at all for you but it could be a huge turn off to some customers as you can imagine. I think Biotest is rethinking how to address an RTD in the future like they re-imagine (i.e. make better) their other products from time to time.

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to test drive a different method Biotest was using to send RTDs to high profile athletes, special customers, etc…namely they mixed the Plazma and flavored things MANUALLY (they have a machine that does this if I remember correctly) and FROZE the product. They would then send the frozen RTD to the client. They sent me both frozen Plazma RTD and frozen MAG-10 RTD to try it out (and test out the delivery process). The product was frozen and shipped OVERNIGHT to the destination. This means someone had better be home to receive the product so that it could be refridgerated right away. The product arrived still nicely frozen to me the next day.

Now, I’m positive Biotest does this (i.e. out of the ordinary “testing”) for many of their best customers (level 100 I believe) so I’m not special by any means, other than spending a fortune on their excellent products!

This new RTD tasted awesome. It tasted fresh, and to me, even BETTER than the powdered version. This obviously means the amount of product I used and its ratio to the amount of flavoring I used for the powdered product wasn’t quite right at least for my taste buds. Biotest mixing was WAY better. Both the Plazma and MAG-10 were fantastic tasting.

The problem with this method, though definitely effective, is the unfortunate inconvenience to both Biotest and the customer (i.e. overnight shipping, manual mixing, freezing, etc) and costly. But it proves that Biotest is not leaving any idea stone unturned in their ever lasting pursuit of better ways of doing things.

Damn, Biotest does not futz around!

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