A Fresh Start

Hi everybody, first it is great to join such an awesome and supportive community. I really believe I have found the right fit for me. No way I wanted to wait 3 to 6 months to see the results I expect in 28 days. Ok a bit of history.

At 49 I am just hitting the sweet spot where hormones start playing havoc. Been living a healthy lifestyle up until 44-45 y/o so I was able to maintain a fairly stable weight in the 160’s so I am also counting on muscle/body memory here. Never been a muscle builder but did weights

What triggered such a deterioration

  • divorce,work too much an quit training
  • 1 1/2 ago did a burn out which I am still recovering from (adrenal burnout) which I just started Dr. Wilson (…all natural
  • Sharp increase in my Estradiol level which explains the belly fat that do not want to burn.

On the plus side. I finally found a Dr. that could explain all my symptomes…i could not recognize myself, permanent fatigue…so
3 months ago I re-started Tae Kwon Do which was a passion of mine growing but that my dismay I was getting more tired so I had to quit only later did I learn that was exactly a typical symptom/side effect of adrenal fatigue…training (hard) does not help, the opposite. So I stopped TKD and just went to the gym with just regular light training.

Now I am on 50mg of Testosteron 5d/wk and actually started losing a few pounds before starting the V-Diet so it is obviously kicking in.

This is a long intro but since I found what I had and have a clear plan and my hope back, I want to make sure that I can be that voice for those in the 45+…

Height 5’8"
Weight 191
Neck 17
Shoulders 46
Chest Upper 41
Chest Lower 39.75
Waist Navel 41
Waist 40
Hips 40
Upper Arm L 13.25
Upper Arm R 13.25
Upper Leg L 23
Upper leg R 23.5
Lower Leg L 18
Lower Leg R 17.5
Calf L 16
Calf R 16

Day 1: Had a quite a headache all day due the transition between the drink and solid food. I must say thought that these shakes a really good. I do them all with ice and blender which gives them that smooth milkshake texture. I planned to go to the gym for my day 1 but something unexpected came up that I had to deal with…i know no excuse so I did my day 1 yesterday and will do my 4 sessions this week.

DUMBELL SQUATS…WTF…I can’t walk guys :slight_smile: I had never done that exercise before but holy cow is this ever effective. Even if I wanted to do the Wed routine I would not have been able to do the romanian deadlift. I can’t even bend, my quads are just burning.

DRINKS: I have noticed that the 2 days I have not trained I don’t even need the 5th bedtime drink. I am not hungry, slep like a baby and still felt satiated upon waking up.


  • Ultimate: lose 40 pounds of fat, gain 10-15 pound of muscle which would lower my BMI from 30 to 10. I am one of those #$?%&)!@% that burns fat easily :-)…but we will see this time!!
  • Cycle 1 of V-diet goal: lose 15 pounds of Fat…don’t care for muscle at this stage but 5 pound extra wouldn’t hurt.

Oh yes Wednesday morning scale was at 187 while Tuesday 188 and Monday 190

Will upload pics soon. I took them today unfortunately so I don’t know why but even just 3 pounds does shows up. My wife says my stomach is flat (isn’t she lovely :slight_smile: and my face is a bit less round…so can’t wait to hit the 175 mark…or better, I am open to it.

See you.

Day3: 187pds
Day4 Thursday woke up at 186pds, enough to move my BMI from 30 to 29%

I had a very good Wed routine. I gave it more than my first and was exhauted after my side blank. Man do I love this program. it is very well structured and thought out. I never feel hungry and with only 2 workout under my belt I already feel the difference in my body. Fat seems to be melting away. Can’t wait to do my next workout on Friday and even look forward to the V-burn.

I have already planned my HSM for Friday night on the BBQ.

-Bison streak, grass fed organic

  • Salad, some veggies on the grill and sweet potatoes on the grill too…miam!

Cool, keep up the good work!

191 to 186 already…nice work!

Keep us posted. Your mention of grass-fed bison makes me want to go out and kill something. But it might be safer if I went out and killed a mouse or maybe just a cricket or something and then stopped at the store for some beef.

Keep us posted on your progress. If you are the type to burn fat quickly, I’m interested to see how you do. 175 should be no problem.

Hi Serge…sorry I missed those replies

Week 2 started. I can train harder and harder yet enjoying a pain free post workout. Newver had done a barbell squat before so I guess my body was “shocked” with it. Took me 3-4 days to recover from it :slight_smile:

This week I have increase wait and know I can do even more as I did 15 reps on my 1st set. I am still finding my pace.

Weight: Been "stuck at 186-187 for several days but finally saw a peek at 185.5 this morning. Probably a 1) a 1st palteau 2) Muscles are growing better than I thought. First time I train taking so much protein…now I get it :-). I would be happy if I was just at 183 by Sunday.

I just feel it in my boday that it is not just about weight but really body composition. All I know is after each training I feel better and stronger in my body.

Awesome feeling

[quote]Serge A. Storms wrote:
Your mention of grass-fed bison makes me want to go out and kill something. But it might be safer if I went out and killed a mouse or maybe just a cricket or something and then stopped at the store for some beef.[/quote]

I am already thinking/planning ahead ost V-Diet phase one

My plan
Finish V-Diet I
4-6 weeks break with different training. I know I want to continue taking 1 or 2 protein shake a day and the surge recovery.

  1. Should I continue with Metabolic Drive® and Surge Recovery
  2. Switch to another one during non-V-Diet weeks (Like the new Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth Formula…or something else)

Then resume V-Diet II (intermediate) and repeat cycle until i have completed advance V-Diet…by then I should be ripped and with the best body of my life.

…that Friday HSM was devine. Never ate a streak so slow. I even skipped the carb (no potatoes) streak and salad was plenty.

Week 3 has started.

Can’t believe how fast I can feel the transformation. I feel more and more enegetic and although the scale isn’t moving that fast, and i don’t care. Been stuck at 186 give or take 0.5lbs for a solid week but finally this morning …poof right through 185 at 184.5.

So even if it’s “only” about 6 lbs less I feel like I have lost 20.

Sunday did my V-burn in 19ms 19 secs…I wanted to stop after the 3 rd set but hung in there telling myself, come on just make another one…after the fourth still wanted to stop but was happy to complete the 5 sets.

You’re nasty Chris…i like it :slight_smile:

Other noticable change despite working out harder and harder I have absolutely no muscle soreness. Even on the high rep day (Wed) I could both increased the weight and the reps. This makes it so much easier to keep pushing more and motivate me for the next workout.

So aside from day 1 on w1 which took me 3 days to fully recover, my muscles just seem to love it and asking for more now.

Well I finished W3 at 183.5 on Sunday morning.

The only thing is I had a big dip in energy oever the week-end (Fr to Sun), I felt I had nothing in me to do my workouts.

Tuesday morning now, feel better and the scale is now at 182…wow! I couldn’t believe it. I will be extatic if I finish my 4 wk v-diet at 179.5

Oh! and I am down a good one belt size and this one is already starting to feel a bit loose

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