9/2 is V-Day

All right, I’ve been lurking here for a while reading success and challenges, formulas and recipes. Finally I’ve decided to jump into this diet full boar. Protein and Surge is on the way, HOT-ROX and Flameout sit on the counter, already started using Superfood and Flax meal(hey, I really like the taste and texture too!)
For support, I’m running a “biggest loser” contest at work (to start 9/2)and the V-Diet is my secret weapon! Even bought a “magic bullet” so I can blend my shakes with ice at work in my office.

Current weight is 225 and my goal is to hit 205 at the end of the 28 days and see my abs.
Running the numbers, my targets are 1904 cals on workout days, and 1587 on regular days. I’ve got everything dialed in to hit 1930 and 1560 respectively.
Will be doing intermediate workout as I workout with my girlfriend and this works better. I think this will also aid in achieving a perfect pace.

My final questions I have not been able to find:

  1. Is the PB interchangeable for the flax, flame out or vise versa? Is the fat combo important to the diet?

  2. I’ve read that the body can only metabolize so much protein per “meal”. Figuring 5 shakes per day, I’d be getting almost 50grams of protein per “meal”. Is this too much and do I need to add shakes to lower the protein?

  3. Is it better to have the last shake as late as possible/before bed to decrease the length of fasting time, or earlier to increase it? My current schedule has my last shake at 9 PM on workout days and the first is at 8am, so I have 11 to 12 hours of fasting.

  4. Not mentioned in this diet is ketosis. With low carbs even on full body workout days, seems that getting into ketosis would occur. Is this a goal or desirable?

I will be posting stats as I start the diet and thank you for the help.

Hey, it looks like we will be starting on the same day!

Have you used the magic bullet yet? I was thinking of getting that or something similar. From what I read though they have trouble with ice and shakes and things? What is your take on it thus far?

Good luck and you will have much success in you goals!

I am going to start one day ahead of you guys, so I will be looking to see how you both are doing. I too have been reading and gaining motivation to get my butt going. I have been exchanging shakes for my #2 and #4 meals or snacks. So far so good. I didn’t use them on weekend though. So far I have found that if I mix hand shake them up with cold water and put in the fridge for an hour or so, they slide right down.

You will have to play with it. The last time I tried this I got nausated, so it was suggested not to blend with ice and not make so thick. For me I find the above method better, but test the waters and find what works for you.

I am a lady, but the goals are the same - fat loss and inches!

I’ll hanging with you.


FYI on the Magic Bullet. We’ve had one for a couple years and they are great. For my shakes I put 4 or 5, and no more, ice cubes in with the water and the protein. I don’t like mine so thick and I use a straw to drink it with, not a chugger. This has been the perfect combo for me. Not too thick, easy to drink and enjoy…like chocolate milk, or vanilla. It mixes best if you put in some water, then the protein, then ice and water. No sticking and gooping up that way.

Trust me, I’ve been on this for 6 weeks and have had lots of practice.
Good planning and keep to the guidelines.

GMan, I’m like a shake-ologist by now. I use a Hamilton Travel blender; I’ve got one at home and one at work. I know that 6 cubes, a little water and protein are great for my 2-scoop shakes in the morning and dinner. I like the 1-scoop shakes kind of thin…I also have a shaker cup for the one right before bed. It’s like drinking a glass of chocolate milk.

Only problem I see with the Magic Bullet is the cup size. I don’t like the real thick shakes. My “normal” shake is usually a one scoop protein and ~24oz cup to the brim, 4-6 cubes max.

Bullet has a 22 oz cup. Seems to have more than enough power and you can drink out of the cup you mix in. If you max out the ice, I can see where there might be an issue. Think Dremel vs 18v Drill. You can do a lot, but your never gonna drive 3" deck screws for long.

My contest is getting big mo. 6 contenders @ $50 each $300 pot. 4 more on the bubble. If I take it, I almost paid for all the sups. As an additional motivator, one of the contenders had a lap band 4 weeks ago.

I plan on taking this thing, but may need to land at 201. Easy enough as I can cut my creatine in the last week if needed.


Make sure you read Chris’ sticky about creatine. He says don’t add unless you have already been using and to add with your Surge. I suggest if you can do with out it and you want to win this contest, put it to the side for now. He says it adds water weight.

Just a FYI! I want you to have positive results. Nothing negative here! LOL!


Thank you fitnesslady, always open to advise. I have been using a creatine/nitric oxide supplement, so planned on continuing through my current cycle.(I use one tub and then stop for 4-6 week, then start another tub.)

So has anyone tracked Ketosis? If so, did it impact your results?

Great weekend and last meals for 4 weeks!
Had BBQ and some great peach cobbler. What a send off and good timing.

Have my bag loaded with shake mix measured out for the week as I’ll be having 3 shakes at work.
Took some pics and they look REAL bad. I’m fired up for this diet and archiving my progress.

weight 225
Waist 42
Upper Leg (thigh) 25 1/2
Lower Leg (calf) 16 1/2
Chest (nipple line) 47
Navel to Nipple line 12
Arms 15 1/2
Arms Flexed 17
Neck 16 1/2

My goals:
-20 lbs
-6 inches in waist
Maintain strength

I’ll be looking for your first day results. Mine didn’t go that well, but not totally bad either. My stomach became so flip floppy. Today much better. I was even cleaning things up the week and half before and adding two shakes daily. I hope your first day goes better than mine.


Day 1 in the bank.
It was actually harder than I thought. For whatever reason, I thought 5 shakes were going to over saturate me. Psych!

Got up and took my HOT-ROX, then half hour later had my morning shake with superfood and flax. 3 shakes throughout the day went well, but I have to say I was hungry mid afternoon. Gonna bump my HOT-ROX to 2 and 2 tomorrow.
Hungry, just had the last shake of the nite with added flax.

What saved me was the peanut butter. I didn’t put it in the shake, instead I ate it off the spoon. That stuck to me and was very satisfying.

Gonna go to bed early tonite as I stayed up too late last nite.

Day 2 winding down.
Bumped the HOT-ROX to 2 and 2. I felt it! Warm feeling and my afternoon dose made me sweat during my nepa walk. Even a little light headed in the late afternoon a couple of times. Never had that happen before, other than after some heavy squatting! Kind of liked it…as long as it doesn’t become regular.

Still a little hungry, but manageable. Pace of my shakes are good.
Gonna mow the lawn before dark for some more nepa and finish off the last shake with some Superfood and PB on the side, yum!

Good job dude! It seems that everyday just goes along as your body adjusts to it. Keep up the good work!

Keep hanging tough. It seems that everyday is different for me. I may start off strong and end up weak, or start off weak and end up strong. It drives me crazy. I just want an overall good day.

Stay strong!


Almost three days down. Keep focused and think about that belly just melting away. Like a slower version of liposuction without the disgusting extra loose skin folds.

Well, a few hours and one shake away from day 3. 30 min nepa walk in the afternoon and solid shake schedule. Still like the 2 and 2 HOT-ROX.
I have to tell you it was hard to fight off the urge to step on the scale this morning. Want to hold to once a week, but I’m real curious.

I know I’ve dropped some lbs and I’m peeing like a race horse on lasix. I thought about it and it occurred to me that 5 shakes with about 30oz of water, plus water in between is a hell of a lot more than what I’m used to, in addition to the expected water weight loss.

Funny moment today, everyone at work sees me drinking my shakes consistently throughout the day (and we have our contest going). I ordered lunch for everyone in my staff meeting, but drank a protein shake instead of taking a plate.

The conversation quickly turned to some “I haven’t seen you eat any solid food for the whole week. What type of diet are you doing? When do you eat?” I just laughed and said don’t worry about me, I have a plan. Lunch today is not in my plan.

So my first real tests are coming up in the next couple of days. Test 1- Tomorrow we have a big BBQ at work. Have a wedding on Saturday, but planned my HSM to be at the reception. No problem.

Monday Test 2- Day off and I take the family to the state fair. Got to figure a way to pack in some shakes while the kids eat the corn dogs, scones, and my favorite-elephant ears!

It’s actually not hard too hard to resist the eating. 100% is much easier than 90 for me. Now, getting in my shakes during the fair, that will be interesting.

Time to get my PB!

I think too the fair is going to be a test for your shakes, but if there is a will you will find a way. I am lucky I don’t like most of the fair food and what I do is like the hot chocolate chips cookies and ice cream. They had a thing at our fair called a Gizmo Low Carb. It is basically sausage/hamburger combo with tomato sauce and a spinkle of mozz cheese. The other version comes with bread, which I can’t stand. I am lucky there.

Well have a good weekend.

Stay strong!


[quote]fitnesslady wrote:
I think too the fair is going to be a test for your shakes, but if there is a will you will find a way. I am lucky I don’t like most of the fair food and what I do is like the hot chocolate chips cookies and ice cream. They had a thing at our fair called a Gizmo Low Carb. It is basically sausage/hamburger combo with tomato sauce and a spinkle of mozz cheese. The other version comes with bread, which I can’t stand. I am lucky there.

Well have a good weekend.

Stay strong!


Hang tough with the scale. I was having the same problem this a.m., because it is usually my weigh in time, but I wanted to get thru one more day.

So day 4 comes to a close.
Shakes were easy, NEPA walk in the afternoon.
Today was my first work out and I was starving before hand. Worked out at 8pm because my girlfriend was running late. My usual time is 7pm.

Mixed my PWO shake and decided to drink some during the workout and finish the other half at the end. Have to say, this is not the tastiest stuff for me, so sipping was easy and I couldn’t even finish it.

Work out (doing intermediate)
Pull ups body weight 3x8
Dead lifts 275x3x8
Dips BW+45x3x8

First verification I’m down some lbs. The pull ups were fairly easy and I got good squeeze . Usually I would have struggled after the first couple of sets.

Found I should have used more weight on DL. Didn’t know how tired I’d be as I’ve not done 8 sets before and didn’t want to lose my form. Next week I’ll bump it to 315.

Finished with the 2 sets of side planks 55 seconds. Damn side planks those are hard! (Foreshadowing: wow, 10 more seconds next week! This is real hard. Something may be wrong here, but we powered through.)

So if you didn’t catch the earlier hint, the thing is after working out, I realized that I messed up and did the week two progression instead of week 1. My spreadsheet was moved over to the right when I verified the exercises and set up my gym for me and my GF. Extra set and extra time!

Had last shake later than usual due to the workout. Added the PB this time.

Tomorrow is my HSM and I’m so looking forward to it. Really starting to hit my pace on this diet. Hope Tuesday stats pay off. Got to beat Sunday’s workout first though.

Great to hear things are going good for you. I really need to look up thos plank things. I probably should try them. Thanks for the support on my thread.

I am still doing this and strong! Thanks to all my support group friends.


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