8th Day - Good Results

came onto Velocity after 6 months of IF; my clean diet was still too calorie dense to get ripped. Velocity is making it happen - i required the mental break from food.
Question: i have been supp cinnamon in my diet for insulin reg. (no issues - fasted 75-95)…does Surge require insulin spike to work and therefore, I should not add cinnamon to counteract?
joe ciminera

start 180#
7/14 176
abs coming in!

I think you keep the cinnamon away from the Surge you’ll be fine. Separate by a few hours, just in case. Yes, you WANT insulin surges at times to build muscle. There’s a reason why pro bodybuilders inject it (besides them being insane.) Remember, insulin isn’t all bad. It’s more anabolic than testosterone. You just want to “use” the hormone wisely, around lifting time.

Thank you, Chris. I appreciate your expertise and availability.

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