72 Year Old and Experience of Micro-PA

Three weeks ago I added Micro-PA to my diet strategy to slow sarcopenia (muscle loss). I have made very noticeable improvement in my ability to do higher reps with the same weight. Plus my workouts are generally more pleasant and satisfying.

Specifically, a seated dip machine that I could do for 20 reps the 1st set, followed by sets of 16 and 14 reps with two minute rest periods, I now did 20 reps the first set, followed by sets of 20 and 18 reps.
And a leg press that do 20 reps over 2 minutes (very slow eccentric, stop, and fast concentric that takes 6 seconds per rep), I could immediately follow with 20 quick reps approaching failure, now I can follow the 2 minutes with 30 quick reps as easily as I did the 20 reps three weeks ago.

Both of these performances lead me to believe that Micro-PA has very positively affected my slow twitch muscle capability.

On the other hand progress with heavier weights and lower reps is much less significant, though I have noticed a slight improvement.

Consider that I am 72 years old, so I not in at ideal age to grow muscle and strength. (I have been lifting weights since I was 19 and never quit, so it’s not like I didn’t make vast improvement in my younger years). After three weeks I feel confident that Micro-PA improved my slow twitch muscle capability, but as yet, I have not seen fast twitch muscle improvement that I could consider significant.

Do you believe my findings are consistent with others of all ages?
Or, do you believe that my age is hindering the functionality of Micro-PA on fast twitch muscle improvement?
Or, maybe a little more time is needed to draw a more meaningful result?

It definitely sounds like you’re in-tune with how your body reacts to different stimuli and variables. One “issue” that might be affecting things is that mTor does naturally decrease with age, so the Micro-PA may be having a different effect in your system.

I’m sorta pulling that out of my keister, but I think it makes some kind of sense. Because it activates the mTor in your body, if there’s only so much mTor enzyme to work with, then it’s doing the best it can.

I think it might also kinda come down to, three weeks isn’t a super-long time to see significant changes one way or the other. A lot of the research seemed to look at 8 weeks or so before determining results. I’d stay on track, keep reaping the benefits like you’ve been, and see how it pans out after a bit longer.

Thanks for your input. I only bought a 6 week supply, because if I didn’t see any results in six weeks I’d write Micro-PA as another supplement that just wasn’t worth the expense. I plan to order another 9 week supply soon. I must mark Micro-PA as the single best supplement that I have added as far as results is concerned (since turning 60 years of age).

Surely I will hit a plateau eventually, but I hope it isn’t very soon.

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