65 Pounds Dropped, Thanks V-Diet

I wanted to post my progress for everyone.

I have hovered around 210-215 lbs with high BF% all of my 20’s. The gym was always there but the commitment and diet never were. Last year I listened to all the wrong advice and “dirty bulked” ballooning up to 245 pounds. For some reason I thought this was great… I saw myself as something totally different than what the pics showed, I was getting stronger and stronger.

The articles on T-Nation opened my eyes that I was actually just fat and gross. Finally after splitting multiple pants I had enough. Initially I used the cheaters diet to get back down to the 215 lbs mark. This was relatively easy, stopping the ridiculous weight gainers and cutting crappy carbs will go along way. This got me back to where I had maintained for most of my life.

Last February I decided I needed to do something extreme to force my body out where it was accustomed to maintain. I could never get below 205 before. In comes the V-Diet.

My co-worker was a huge Biotest fan and had alot of left over supplements he sold me for cheap. I only had to buy Surge Recovery from the site. March 1st I began the program, I continued the transision phase of one solid meal a day for 4 weeks after that. I was traveling alot in June but didnt stray to far of course.

July 1st I started doing two week mini V-Diets followed by a week of transition. Recently I have been following the 100 carbs a day plan on lifting days and under 50g the rest. I have been following the pre-meal incline treadmill plan for 45 min in the morning also.

So here I am today, 180 lbs and the lowest BF% I have had since the 2nd grade. Honestly the hardest part for me was not liquid extreme dieting. It was having the feeling of shrinking, of being “skinny” that FFB’s fall into. My lifts were not gaining weight, many declined because of the loss of strength. At this point I am thrilled I stuck with it and just kept saying I need to get rid of every ounce of fat before I can start to gain weight again.

I hope my story helps everyone started out on this plan. It really is great for ingraining disipline into your training life.

Pic 1 245 lbs
Pic 2 215 lbs
Pic 3 180 lbs

More pics…


I cant figure out how to post multiple pics…

Pretty damn impressive. Thanks for the moto.

u look bigger at 180.great job


It really comes down to discipline and consistency…Once I figured that out I made more progress than the last few years.

Now I am going to put everything into gaining weight the right way.

Pretty damn impressive.

Btw how tall are u?

It’s amazing to see how much muscle is actually under there once you strip the fat off.
Great work!!!


Strong work man! You def look bigger at 180…what did your workouts look like?

Awesome work man! I’ve always been scared of losing mass/becoming smaller when trying to lose last bit of fat. Always staying a little chubby to avoid losing any muscle. This is good motivation to shred everything you look way bigger/better at lower weight. Height/stats?