6'2'' 243.6 lbs Starting Velocity Diet

I’ll start off by listing a few things I’m thankful for.

Next month I’m going to celebrate my six year wedding anniversary with my wife Hannah. I’ve got two wonderful kids - Graham is three and Abbie is one. And I enjoy spending time in my weight room tucked away in my basement.

I have some wonderful things going on, but I’m getting fat. I’ve noticed that I get winded when taking a flight of stairs (I used to take six flights and had to catch my breath for a few seconds and I was good). I start to breath heavier when I’m walking at a faster pace. My sleep is suffering as well since I start to snore and get less quality sleep when I gain weight.

My wife recently took some pictures of me playing with the kids and instead of enjoying the picture I kept thinking about how fat I looked. I’ve decided to do something about it. My Velocity Diet supplements are on the way, and I hope to start this Saturday.

I’m 6’2" and 243.6 lbs.

I’m planning on getting the various measurements sometime this weekend.

I’ve modified the workout since I don’t have all the equipment at home. I also have to sit down to do any overhead pressing since the ceiling is too low. Any recommendations are welcomed.

Session A
Front Squats
Chin Ups
Bench Press

Session B
Split Squats
Bent-Over Rows
Overhead Press
Barbell Curls

Session C
Bench Press
Pull Up
Hand Walkout

Measurements from 8/20/2015

Height: 6’2"
Weight: 243.6 LBS

Neck 18"
Shoulders 52.5"
Chest 44"
Waist #1 42.5"
Waist #2 43"
Waist #3 41.5"
Hips 44.5"
Upper Arm 13"
Upper Leg 24"
Calf 16"

The sups have arrived. I’m ready to get this started.

Day 1

Getting the walk in the early morning felt great. The temperatures around here have dropped to the mid 80s and the mornings are in the low 60s.

I didn’t think the protein shakes would bother me but by the last one I added more water to thin out the shake and that made it go down easier.

Dinner was chicken breast, 1/2 avocado, 1 egg, 2 cups of steamed veggie mix, and 1 cup of brown rice w/ quinoa.

I was hungry soon after my third shake of the day (before dinner) but wasn’t hungry going to bed.

Day 2

I started the morning of with the V-Burn Challenge. The V-Burn kicked my butt! On paper I didn’t think it would be easy but I didn’t think it would be one of the more difficult things I’ve done recently.

First V-Burn Challenge Time: 46:18

Yup, over 46 minutes to complete. It did show me that my conditioning to do body weight exercises is extremely poor.

I had the usual protein shakes and Flameout soft gels.

For dinner I had chicken breast breaded in almond flour and fried in coconut oil. A healthy side of green beans and a baked avocado half with an egg on top.

By circuit five I was taking short rest after almost every exercise. The squat and jumping jacks were the only ones that felt easy all the way.

On the positive side I think doing V-Burn helped loosen some tight muscles and made me move in ways I haven’t in a long time. I look forward to improving my time week-by-week.

Day 3

So far the usual protein shakes have been consumed with Flameout and superfood as spelled out in the V-Diet guide.

I did the first weight workout (modified).

Total time 38 minutes.

A1) Front Squats: 155 x 7, 165 x 6, 175 x 5, 175 x 5
A2) Chin Ups: 5, 4, 4, 3, 2, 2
B) Bench Press 175lbs 5, 4, 3, 3, 2, 3
C) Hand Walk-Outs from Knee 10, 6, 4

I did a superset of front squats and chin ups. 30 seconds rest in-between sets. I didn’t have heavy enough weight for the front squats so a little more time was added to my rest as I changed out weight (but only by a few seconds).

I sweated like a mad-man but this lifting session was more along the lines of what I’m used to when compared to the v-burn challenge.

Now I’m about to have leftover breaded chicken breast.

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