6'2 210lbs Looking to Get Ripped

What’s up everyone. I just ordered my V-Diet a few minutes ago and am getting really pumped about it. I will post pics the day before I start and will try to post more once a week. My target start date is March 23. (I am currently finishing up a cycle and am going to start directly after I done with it.)
I’m 6’-2" and 210lbs.

I was an amatuer kickboxer (borderline pro.) I was in the best shape of my life until I was in a wreck that put me in a wheelchair for a while. It took a little over 5 months before I could walk normal again. After that, not to completely depress everyone, I started spiraling downhill, eating shit food (taco bell, sonic, McDonalds, Wendy’s, you name it) constantly and not working out at all.

My Thai boxing career was over and I had no ambition to stay in shape.
About 5 months ago, I looked in the mirror at the lazy fat ass that I had become and was disgusted at myself. I decided it was time for a major change in my life. I hit the gym hard and built most of my muscle back and am ready to cut the fat off.
I will have my measurements taken towards the end of next week.

A fellow Tennessean! Good luck with the diet. Keep us posted on your progress.

Will do. What part of Tennessee are you from?


Brentwood, near Nashville

First off, I’m glad to hear you were able to turn things around. Congrats.

But at your height/weight + the V-Diet…you might end up way smaller/skinnier then you want. I’m 6-1 and 215 and there is no way I’d want to drop a “V-Diet” amount of weight

But that is just me.

Hopefully you have your sh*t sorted and are ready to lose a lot of weight.

A friend with similar dimensions of you did the V-Diet and has been regretting it/working his way back for over a year.

If you go through with it; good luck!

If the V-Diet does what it claims, accelerates fat loss while preserving muscle I can’t see a reason why anyone wouldn’t want to do it. Losing muscle is my biggest fear on this diet and I will be monitoring my progress very closely. If I find Im losing muscle it will be time for me to change programs.

That’s cool. I’m in Murfreesboro.

I was kinda hesitant at first myself about going on the V-Diet and I can only assume that I’m going to lose some muscle with the fat. I think comparing my eating habits now to what they are about to be on the diet, I will be intaking more cleana calories and necassary nutrients that I wasn’t taking before. I can almost see gaining muscle in my instance.

Everything came in today. I’m pretty pumped about it. I’m going to have one of the trainers at my gym take my measurements tonight and I’ll post them with before pictures. I’m planning to start the diet on Sunday, March 22nd.

Well, I started today. The shakes aren’t as good as I was hoping but, that’s minor. If being in shape was easy, fat people wouldn’t be fat. Wait a second. I take that back, some fat people would still choos to be fat. hahaha

Finally bought a camcorder primarily to take these pictures.






I’m on day two of the diet. Woke up first thing this morning and started making the first three shake for while I’m at work. I was wanting to try the strawberry flavored protien powder today. Yesterday I did chocolate. I grabbed the bottle of powder and started making the shakes.

After I had three shakes made, I realized that I was using the Surge Recovery. haha!!! I guess that’s my one f’ up for the diet.
I threw them in the fridge to use for later and after grabbing the right power I was off to work.
Rough start, but, I learned my lesson. Today during lunch I’m going for a 4 mile walk. I have my Suunto heart rate monitor with me and my shoes.

To close this out, I didn’t think I’d ever been in a position to say this but, I definately look forward to eating the fiber tablets. hahaha!!!
I’m pumped though. All my friends and family are saying “I give you a week” “I give you 3 days”. I’m actually glad they are doing it. That pushes me harder and stronger than anything else. The opportunity to prove them wrong. The opportunity to show everyone else that I’m not as weak minded as they are.

Don’t get me wrong though. Their are a few people out there that definately give me support and encouragement whether they know it or not. Jesse, Danielle, and Kirby primarilly. So if any of you ever read this, thanks…

Just finished my 4 mile walk today. I did it during my lunch break. The town I live in has an amazing walking trail from one side to the other that runs parallel to the river. The trail goes under all the roads and has no stops but, has great scenery. I took some pictures along the way.

Oh, and most importantly. I was wearing my Suunto heart rate monitor and now that I am back to the office, I burnt 1,608 calories during the walk and drive back. It almost sounds unrealistic but, I definately smell like sweat and a dead rat mixed. haha!! So maybe it is accurate.

I’m surprised the pictures turned out ok. I took them without slowing down. I figured they would end up being blurry.

Walking trail

another view

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