6 Wks to Wedding. Short Term Goal Cut

Hello Friends!

I’ve been off and on the body sculpting boat many times over the years, but my hunger for proportional gains always brings me back fighting kicking and striving for more. This is my first post here on T-Nation looking for a plan,support, and motivation thats geared, well towards “ME”

im 6ft
Neck: 16in
Shoulders: 19in
Chest upper: 17in
Chest lower: 21 1/2in
Waist: 35in
Waist Largest: 42 1/2in (around fattest part of stomach and love handles)
Hips largest: 45 1/2in
bicepts: 16in
Upper Legs: 28in
Lower Legs: 15 1/2in
Ankel: 9 1/2in

Hi jamin0221,

So, basically you’re looking for a 6 week fat-loss plan with a very set-in-stone deadline - a wedding. That usually means the person is ready and willing to get a little “extreme” to get it done and get it done fast. You want to focus on fat loss and muscle retention, with some muscle gains too if possible (and it’s definitely possible.) Fair enough?

How are you currently training (style, protocol, days per week etc)? What’s your eating look like typically? What kind of budget do you have for supplements?

We have several ideas for you, but let’s get some more info before we start.

currently, the wifey and I split the Velocity Diet so diet is shakes then HSM is lean protein and just veggies.

Workout training: I lean toward LOVING Heavy. high intensity, low volume, frequency 3-4 workouts a week , but am willing to lose some strength (which the velocity diet does)and size for lean deep cuts. I plan on posting pics by tonight or tomorrow.

Okay, sounds good (except that most people don’t lose strength on the V-Diet, just perceived strength because of the lower carbs and even the fat loss, which may increase the range of motion on some lifts like the bench i.e. you’re not benching less, you’re having to move the weight over a longer distance because of less torso fat.)

Aside from that, are you looking for a new plan? Something to use next? This is the Biotest Supplement Advice Forum, but I’m not really seeing a firm question.

What to use after the V-Diet because it will be done in 2 weeks. Ideas for supp, diet and workout?

First, finish out your half-Velocity Diet. Let’s see what you have left to lose after that. The pics will help us judge that along with the tape measurements, so I’m glad to see you taking care of those.

We’re currently working on a new protocol that you may be interested in. We’ve had a few T Nation users already adopt this plan and they, along with our staffers using it, are reporting great results. Even better than the V-Diet plan.

There are a few options here, but here’s the gist of it.

  1. Instead of protein shakes, you “pulse” with <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10 every two hours throughout the day.

This gives you the effects of a fast, but with no chance of muscle loss and no energy drain or cravings. Plus, the di- and tripeptide complex in Mag-10 has biological activities beyond regular amino acids. For example, only 20 grams of protein from Mag-10 stimulates protein synthesis, as well as other muscle building and recovery effects, to a far greater degree than what you would get from 100s of grams of conventional protein. In short, you’ll keep your hard-earned muscle and probably build more of it, while at the same time losing body fat.

Additionally, Mag-10 also contains a special carbohydrate mixture that increases metabolic rate.

Like the V-Diet, pulsing with Mag-10 instead of eating solid meals during the day is convenient, with no need to count calories or get obsessive about macros.

  1. Have one solid healthy meal per day, ideally in the evening. This meal is much like the V-Diet’s HSM: protein, some good fats, veggies, a little starchy carb like rice or sweet potato, but avoid wheat-based of carbs.

  2. Around your workout, choose a good workout nutrition drink, such as <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma. Some are also adding a Finibar pre-workout for extra tough or longer training sessions. This is fine.

Because you’re having the solid meal at night, this plan can be used for as long as you need to use it. And if workout nutrition is taken care of, you can use any training program that appeals to you. With your focus on fat loss and your deadline, a workout that uses complexes may suit your needs. Or you can use your favorite strength-focused plan and add in some targeted conditioning work after lifting and on off days. My guidelines for that are at the bottom of this <a href=""target=“new”>blog.

Let us know how that sounds, and if you like it we can help you customize this for your schedule and get the most affordable stack together to fit your plan.

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Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.