6 Weeks for Drastic Change


I have been involved in fitness in some way shape or form since 2004 and since then have been back and forth between weight loss and weight gain, bulking and cutting but due to an injury I ended up taking a couple years off from anything I would call serious training and as a result ended up back at 296 which is way larger than I felt comfortable with.

Last year in September I decided to take back control of my life and began hitting the gym, mostly focused on weight loss once again however upon striking 265lbs I noticed my strength levels were below where I wanted them to be and I refocused to grow and gain muscle mass (which I appear to have done quite effectively without gaining back the chub I just lost).

So yesterday I weighted in at 291 and once again my mind shifted back to weight loss but I also wish to hold onto as much of my hard fought gains as I can, after much deliberation I decided to take a shot at the Velocity diet, I read up on it a lot back in 2008 and 2009 but never did put in the effort to go through with it.

Anyway today is day one, and I just wanted to say it hasn’t been nearly as brutal as I thought it would be, my hunger seems to come into effect only about 10-15 minutes prior to my planned meals which works out amazingly and I don’t really miss solid food at least not yet. I have some before pictures which I took last night and will be posting those today or tomorrow.


Picture # 1


Picture #2


Photo #3