5th Time Around

Hey everyone,

So since the first and second velocity diets (original 1 HSM version) I did back around 9 years ago changed my life so much and since I’ve had a bunch of changes recently I thought I would go back for another shot. I lost 10lbs after moving to a new town in mid August of this year (just more general NEPA and starting an active job took me from 260lbs to 250) and I started the VDiet October 3rd.

Today is transition day #1 and the 4 weeks went by very well (never easy though). Weight is down around 26lbs from 250lbs (it was down 20lbs after the first 2 weeks), didn’t get measurements for week 4 yesterday but will soon. I know that I’m down quite a lot since all my clothes fit much differently and some things I’ve not worn for a long time are now comfortable.

General observations:

  • For me, the busiest and most active times make the VDiet easier to do. If in doubt, don’t wait until you are less busy. The first, second and fifth versions I’ve done were the most successful because I was very busy in life and had lots of distractions. Version three and four I had lots of spare time and few distractions.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of NEPA. As mentioned, a busy active life plus the VDiet seems to work much better. I use a Fitbit and averaged around 100,000 steps a week. I worried less about the length of dedicated NEPA activity (60min daily walk no matter what for 6 weeks) and targeted between 10,000 and 15,000 a day, topping up normal daily movement with walks on the treadmill or outside.
  • This is the first VDiet where I was constantly angry. I avoided being grumpy from food as often as I could but perhaps it is just stuff in my life. I’ve been very angry for most of the diet.
  • Once again it is amazing what you can do when focused, this is the first VDiet where I was able to mix in jogging during NEPA walks. Nothing too fast or exhausting but the odd 1:4 walk to jog ratio at least a few times a week.

I am hopeful that having kept the weight initially lost off for over 4 years and having only gained weight when in a very taxing 80hr a week sedentary position for the past 4 years, that now that I’ have transitioned to a different work environment the weight will stay off. I had no issues keeping the original weight loss off (from 350lbs down to 200 and staying near 200 for 5 years) so I expect the same. Working 80hrs a week, heavy travel and limited control over food really was a big issue over the past 4 years.

So if you are considering the VDiet, do it. Commit to it 100% and commit to not quit. I remember that in my first attempt I was only going to quit if I had to go to the hospital even though I didn’t know if it was even going to work. It did really help that I was only just a month behind Gus Pacho (original physique clinic guinea pig) who did it over Christmas, and that I chose to do it during my 30th birthday.

I am going to post a separate thread about what to do next in terms of workout planning.
Good luck to all.

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