5th Shake



So far I am on day 9 of the diet, going well. One issue I’ve had is that I’m actually not hungry at the end of the day. There have been a few days where I have not had the 5th shake at all. How bad is this for the diet? I realize that with 3 scoops in the final shake, I’m missing out on a good deal of protein. Is this unhealthy? Is this going to kill the diet? I would literally have to force the last one down on a couple of the days.



The risk here is that you get too few calories, slow your metabolism down, lose muscle, and rebound in fat gain. That’s the danger of any diet that’s too low in calories. I don’t think you’ll lose muscle with the V-Diet, even missing the last shake. There are too many protective mechanisms in place with the diet. However, it’s best not to skip shakes.

If you feel it’s legitimately too much food, you can reduce by one scoop of protein. There’s enough wiggle room built into the diet for that. You can also cut the flax down in some other shakes if that helps.

You may also need to work on how you spread out your shakes. Maybe some are coming too close together?