5am Dosing with Plazma and MAG-10?

First time poster, here. Read a lot of posts and article on supplementation. Read the article on supplementation. I’m info overloaded.

To be brief, the only ‘me’ time is at 5:00a to workout. My current priorities keep me to 20-30 min of warm up/mobility and 15-30min KB complex routines 3d/week. I usually take a Spike after waking right before warm up. I feel the spike by the time I’m ready to train hard. Then it’s Metabolic Drive w coconut water before heading out the door for work. Hoping in a few months I can transition to 531.

I just received and want to use Plasma/MAG-10 (for recoup and fuel) with Alpha Male (for cognitive and drive). I did get the Brain Candy,too. Currently using ZMA and Flameout, Love them. Don’t know how to dose Plasma when 1) don’t have time to eat/digest FINiBAR, or food, before exercising and 2) so brief a workout time.

I’m 195, 5’11", 36. Just have abdominal fat I’d like to reduce. With the 3 daily nutritional plans I’ve seen, guys are working out for 1.5-2 hrs, and eat before taking plasma and workout. QUESTION, what’s the best way to dose A.M., ZMA, and Flameout along with Plasma and MAG-10? Do I really need Mag right now since my lifting is brief? I have Metabolic Drive.

Is Indigo necessary (don’t have it)??? I don’t want to be over thinking this, just want to amp results up. Don’t want to over supplement either.

Some simple guidance or links to previous posts that I may have missed would be very much appreciated. Thanks for your time.

If your warm-up/mobility is very light, have 1 dose of Plazma at the beginning of that. It takes about 15-20min to be absorbed.

Depending on how hard the KB complexes are, either leave it at that and have MAG-10 after you’re done or drink another dose of Plazma when you finish your warm-up (or possibly half then and half throughout complexes, whatever feels better to you). Make sure the difficulty of your workouts warrant the extra dose.

Personally if pressed for time I’d focus on 1 big lift + 10 min either loaded carries or assistance work. Although with only 3 sessions a week I might consider 2 big lifts supersetted + 10 min carries or assistance.

ZMA - just have that before bed

Flameout - just have it with food

Indigo - Not necessary, but can be very helpful.

Finibars - if you have enough time to eat one about 20-30min before the first dose of Plazma, go for it. Up to you.

Play around with the amount/timing of FINiBARs, Plazma and MAG-10 to see what works best for you, both in terms of the schedule and the results. The only thing I’d definitely keep is 1 dose of Plazma 15-20 min before lifting.

BiP pretty much covered it. Have a pre-load serving of Plazma and begin your warm-up. (I can’t help but see that your warm up and mobility work take as long as your actual workout. Don’t overdo it, and make sure you actually need it. People get so wrapped up in prehab, mobility, etc. that they sometimes forget to actually train in a manner that makes the body change. Not aiming this at you, but I have seen these folks use the mobility/prehab/activation etc etc etc stuff as a way to dodge actual hard training.)

That’s probably the only serving of Plazma you need honestly with only a short KB workout. Have a serving of Mag-10 after and you’re good to go. You really don’t need Finibar because your workouts are short and minimal and infrequent.

Take ZMA before bed and Flameout with your evening meal.

As for the Brain Candy, you can take that as soon as you wake up or use it in the early afternoon to get over the mid-day hump.

Thank you BiP and Chris. This is a huge help. The mobility is not intense, just getting my body moving after waking up. Very light Super Joints routine to get blood moving, then Agile 8, then 2 min warm-ups with KB’s. I’m doing double 20kg kb complexes, M-Medium, W-Light, F-Heavy. I feel it - i’m sore and tired. With my hectic schedule, I’m figuring Plazma/Mag-10 will keep me from overtraining by proper fueling.

A couple more clarifying Questions if you don’t mind:

  1. Since I’m waking up and beginning your suggestions above on an empty stomach, does my evening snack right before bed critical?

  2. So, I’m going to take Alpha Male (1 pill) later in the morning 2 hrs after eating and 30 min before eating something else?

  3. If my actual training is an hour or more, then add a 2nd dose of Plazma during the workout, end with MAG-10.

  4. And to clarify on programming: Just do something similar Wendler’s “Not Doing Jack S**T” with loaded carries instead of assistance. Or maybe along the lines of a previous article I read on 20 min of squats and 20 farmer’s walk, etc. I was thinking of even Starting Strength, before the 531. Minimal and Efficient is what I need. Want to get stronger, but remain functional/agile.

I hope these questions are helping someone else!

Thank you BiP and Chris for your time and knowledge.

  1. Maybe. Casein containing shake like Metabolic Drive is a good choice. Most important thing is to pre-load with Plazma before workout. If the workout is intense, then have a second serving intra-workout.

  2. Alpha Male: Just follow label directions. Keep doses 6-8 hours apart.

  3. You betcha.

  4. Lots of good basic programs out there. Dan John and Wendler’s stuff are good choices.

Don’t get too caught up in looking at fatigue and soreness as indicators of progress. In my experience soreness is a good indicator of finally working something you haven’t used - e.g. if you’ve had problems using glutes and finally learnt how to activate them or changed stance or main exercise, they will get sore. I’ve had some of my best growth phases with almost no soreness and feeling refreshed after most training sessions.

One more thing regarding Plazma - I find that if I train soon after waking up and don’t have breakfast, an extra scoop taken 45 min before works great. Today was a day like that (in fact, I might end up having my peri, a big meal and a smaller meal later and that’s it). I did roughly the following:

75-ish min before - Brain Candy
60min before - Indigo-3G
45min before - 1 dose Plazma
15min before - 1 dose Plazma
during training - 2 doses Plazma (finished just before the final set)
1h after - 2 doses MAG-10

Now, normally this would be overkill for me (it was only a 45 min session), but I was feeling extra hungry AND I knew I would eat less than usual later today due to timing issues.

The bottom line is - play around with things. There is no universal way of doing this. Things will change depending on your training, recovery, budget, mood, day, time of day and so on and so on.


Perfect, Guys! Thanks so much!

LASTLY, Can Plazma be mixed the night before and taken the next morning?

I’ll experiment this week and comment back for any lurker’s out there.

This is the plan:
5:00a - Wake up: 1 Dose of Plazma + Brain Candy
5:10 - Loosen, mobility, etc, nothing hard
5:30 - Workout
6:00a - END workout time no matter what due to schedule
6:05 - Mag10, shower, etc

6:30 out the door with 1st meal of day in hand to eat around 7a-7:30. return home by 5:30. Bed by 10p.

  • 3 solid meals, Flameout/Curicurim at Dinner, ZMA 1 hour before Bed, MDrive at bedtime. On off days, no Plazma/Mag10
  • Doing routine in Kettlebell Muscle by Neupert. I can go 15 steps from bed to living room and get it done. Any body out there with similar schedule, message me your thoughts or start a new thread and let me know what works for you. I own a power rack and love the core lifts esp the squat, but my family is the priority in evenings. Thanks.

Idiot moment…should have read the ENTIRE label. Yes, you should curse me. Yes, I answered my own question. Thanks for being kind and not responding.

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