52 Off From Surgery

Hi, I’m 6’4", 200lbs, 52 yrs, early this year in April had prostate removed because of cancer. Spent several months of just walking, light knee push ups, assisted pull ups, body squats. Then I started the Velocity Challenge and had trouble consuming all the milk based protein with met drive. I was ok with the Plazma. In the two weeks before stopping met drive def saw results so I stuck with the basic workout using dumbbells 2-3 times a week to maintain. I’ve used Flameout and Superfoods for quite some time and like those. Anyway, during December got a little lazy and put on about 10 pounds, couple inches in my gut. With that said, I leave on mil orders mid Feb. I started Crossfit (been around it since 2008) back up last week. There every morning Mon-Sat and run a couple times a week. I’m usually up at 0500, take in some protein and at workout by 0530. After, I finish with the other half of the shake, eat a breakfast meal and off for the day. I’m using Vega Sport for the protein and I can handle it fine. Is this protein recommended? I was looking at your amino acids and indigo3G to add to the mix.

The idea right now is to get some strength back up but more focused on leaning out and met con conditioning/running. Once I deploy that will shift to more muscle building as I’ll only have access to a traditional gym and would like to gain some more weight.

Thank you for your assistance.

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