50 lbs in 70 Days - It Just Sounds Bad


Goals are “Context” Dependent. I have followed the forums for a short while and have seen many folks approach the V-Diet for the right reasons. They need to cut a few pounds that have been hanging on. On the other side, there are people who are looking for extreme loss.

I fit into the extreme category. At 18 I was 185, and even considered myself in shape. I joined the Navy, spent 23 years there keeping in shape. In shape is a broad term so letâ??s say that years and years of working out, eating everything under the sun, and frequent consumption of beer all get balanced out as we ensure we stay in shape to pass our PT requirements and weight standards. When I retired I was in the 210 range and made the statement I am not working out again until I feel like it, because I want to do it!

3 1/2 years later and I find myself looking at 250.5 on the scale and said that is it. I AM READY! Don’t get me wrong I have done more than zero, but the last year has been tough, and I easily put almost all the weight on during the last 10 months.

Well, I made the decision I am ready. And when I say I am ready I mean it.


I have been on this diet for 1 week as of today. So far I am down 10 lbs. even.

Starting weight: 250.5
Current Weight: 240.5
(All weigh-ins conducted first thing in the morning before work out and meal)

My next post will include the details of this past weekâ??s activity (work out, Die), as well as some eye openers I have encountered.


Glad to have you on board.

Any specific questions for me, be sure to pop them into the <a href=""target=“new”>Ask Chris thread so I’ll be sure to see them.


Catch up!
I started on 11 Feb (Day 1)

Before I get to the stats let me make a few disclosures.

  • I see there are specified stat formats, unfortunately I have already begun keeping track for my own purposes. I will only take measurements once a week (on Friday mornings, after weigh-in)

  • I know that many recommend not weighing every day. I do, but this is for data tracking. I am keeping all data I collect for graphing.

  • I know V-Diet has an excellent and proven workout routine. I work from home and will not have access to a gym. I am using P90X and back woods walking trails. I have used P90X before with outstanding results. When I say P90X I mean ALL of it, Yoga, Plyo, Kempo, as well as all the Lifting days. I started the P90X 90-day routine at the same time I started V-Diet. I am have completed week 1, today was 1st day of second week.

  • I am not old, but also am not as young as I used to be (almost 44 now), I am not a BB, but I certainly have a goal of cutting down to a proper healthy weight AND staying there.

That said let’s begin…
11 FEB 2011 18 FEB Week 1
Weight: 250.5 —> 240.5
Neck: 18 —> 17
Bicep ® 16.5 —> 16.5
Chest (lower) 49.5 —> 48.5
Waist (widest) 46 —> 45
Thigh ® 25 —> 25
Calf ® 16 —> 16

Yes I know â??FATBODYâ?? Still FAT

Work day is doneâ?¦ Time for my First HSM. When I get back Iâ??ll discuss some observations I have made concerning SALT, CRAVINGS, Hunger Pangs, and SLEEP ISSUES.


OK first HSM was great. Everything I wanted it to be â??Filling, Satisfying, and Healthyâ??

Herbed Salmon (10oz)
Steamed Broccoli & Tomatoes
Salad (Ok I splurged on the Salad (3 bowls) Lettuce, Onion, couple of black olives w/ Vinegar)
1 Glass, Red Cabernet (80-100 Cals) My treat to me.
2 Large Glasses Ice Water

I think I will sleep very well tonight!


Week 1 Observations:

  • Basic Schedule:
    o 5:00 AM â?? HOT-ROX
    o 5:30 AM â?? Workout 90 mins P90X (90min, a day (7th day is â??Off-dayâ?? only 60mins Stretching)
    o 7:00 AM â?? make 1st shake (Only add recovery on Lift days (3X per week))
    o 7:30-8:00 â?? Drink 1st Shake
    o 11:00 AM â?? 2nd Shake
    o 2:00 PM - 3rd Shake
    o 5:00PM â?? 4th Shake
    o 7:00 PM â?? 4 TBLS Apple Cider Vinegar
    o 8:00PM - 5th Shake

  • I see a few people mention they are getting hungry between meals. Frankly, I have been so full/satisfied I have on occasion reduced to 3 or 4 shakes for the day. I did not make the choice ahead of time. I simply got a late start on first shake(Normally 8:00 AM), then added 30-50 mins to my 3 hour shake separation times. 8PM is last shake and I am in bed sometime between 8 and 9:30ish. Depending on how early I am getting up 4-5:30 AM.

  • Cravingsâ?¦ I see â??SALTâ?? mentioned a lot. Letâ??s just say I â??Thoughtâ?? I had an idea of how to deal with that, but I nearly O.D.â??d on salt. That coast me a 3 pound loss in retained water weight for 3 days. Tough lesson.

  • Last Observation for week 1, and a QUESTION for you all. I normally sleep fine, since beginning I have gotten poorer and poorer sleep. At first I attributed it to muscle soreness. You know after a long lay-off it can take 1-2 weeks to get back into the groove and get your muscles used to working hard. I would medicate with Tylenol PM to ease the pain at night. I hurt SOooo bad that if I moved while asleep the pain would wake me up and I was pretty much toast. However I have been feeling better as the muscle soreness has diminished enough.

The problem is now I feel like I am on fire. I mean I feel like I am physically HOT. I load up with some protein at night hit the bed, and sheets are off room is cool, but anywhere my body touches the bed is HOT. Its bad enough that I moved to another bedroom because of how much I am tossing and turning.



Day 9 - First HSM last night was awesome! I did sleep better, but not sure yet if that was because of slightly elevated carbs, or I did not do a protein shake before bed since I was still pretty full from dinner.

I was wondering how that solid food would impact my weigh-in this AM. I was shocked to say the least. I am not sure if the solid came through and helped clearn out any lingering liquid or what, but 240.5 yeterday morning, and 238.5 this morning. I am not going to complain.

I might normally attribute this to water. Especially since I did not take in two shakes and water as I would have last nite. However, In my daily workout I normally flucuate about 2.5 lbs in water weight before and after workout (foe ex. Today was 238.5 pre work out --> 236 Post). I would figure if I was dehydrated from the less water the night before I would have lost less.

Oh Well, We will see if things even out again tomorrow, or if I simply am continuing in my decent.


Photos are ready! Unfortunately I did not have Day 1 pics, so we will start with Day 7’s instead.


Day 10 - Arms and Shoulders, followed by Ab Ripper X today. Was a GREAT workout. Weight continues to shed like my cats.

Good News! I mentioned yesterday I was concerned about gaining some water weight back after my HSM. Nope. Matter of fact still going down (236 pre- workout --> 234Post)

MORE Good News! Slept much better last night… why, IDK! Maybe the 4 Tylenol PM, or perhaps it was working on 10 hrs on an Ethics paper for my MS. Oh well! I just am happy to have gotten some sleep!

I think on Friday, along wityh stats and Picture updates I will throw in my tracking/goal chart.


Day 11 - Yoga - wrapped up a 90 min session, feel great, but i swear that ypga kicks my butt more than any other workout I ever do.

Sleep - last night was back to bad. Tossed and turned all night (wife sent me off to a speare bed, she works too) Will go find some melatonin or what not today…

other that that - I FEEL GOOD! Think I am gonna go find a tanning booth!


Picked up 10mg Melatonin… will see how that works out.

While shopping I stopped by Borders big sale (apparently 200 of them are being liquidated) Stuck there for 3 hrs and was starting to get REALLY hungry… proply did not help that I was carrying around 2 cookbooks and looking at pictures of really good looking healthy food :wink:

Big gap probabaly explains my low energy / doldrums. Oh well I WILL SURVIVE. Thinking HOT Bath with some Hot tea!!


Hope the Melatonin helps you. I find that if I take it and then get the room nice and dark I start to get pretty sleepy in a hurry. The liquid form seems to work best. Also good luck with your V-Diet journey. You really seem to have the right attitude about it all. Stay positive and you’ll be just fine.


MD - Thanks for the boost! I did get the melatonin yesterday, though, it was in Pill form (10MG pills). Took two last night (Along with 2 TyPMs) and slept well… actually, I kind overslept. 2-hr delay because of snow, so I was not complaining. Still sore from yesterdays Yoga.

Chris brought up a good point on GFA’s log concerning calories (Pre-determined, etc…). I did use the TNATION VDiet calculator, but when I entered my data and it told me what I needed I was like OMG! Way too much! Then I thought about it. So I re-entered the eight I WANT to GET TO (the IDEAL weight I want). Those are the numbers I use for portions. 50lbs made a big difference in the amount of scoops, etc…

I don’t know the sceience behind the Calculator, all I can say is the weight keeps coming off, and I feel good!

If I look good, feel good, and am healthy… IT’S ALL GOOD!


Day 12.5 - OK… sleep thing is still an unkwown. I took 2 TyPM and 20mg Melatonin. Toosed and turned prety much all night Until 2:00AM… then I was just awake… at 3:00 AM I just decided to get the heck outta bed and start my day! So… Perhaps with less sleep tonight… my body will decide on more sleep later tonight.


Great log! Will follow along. Agree with the YogaX comment. That kicks my arse! Nice drop the first week. Hoping to have similar results!


GFA thanks for the comments, BTW, if you thought the first week was good… wait till you see the second (with pics) Friday. I feel better every day! Well, ok there is the whole sleep thing, but I can deal with it. I spent 23 years in the Navy living a great deal of the time on 4hrs a day sleep… I can handle this.

Day 13 - Workout was easy(er) Kempo-X today, though I was definately getting tired at the end. Tomorrow will be day-off, with just 60 mins of stretching.

Side note: HSM1 was Salmon… I am planning ahead to Friday evening… not sure yet, it I am doing Tuna Steak, Halibut, Grouper, or Sashimi… Sashimi is my favorite, but I know I will load up on salt… We’ll have to see.


Whats total weight loss so far? Im guessing most of the water is gone after 2 weeks and from then on out is fat with hopefully minimal muscle loss.


ok, the unoffical number is down 17.5lbs as of Day 13. Offical weigh-in and Pics on Friday :wink:


Can’t help you with sleep problems as I am sleeping okay but then again I am not taking HOT-ROX at the minute. I remember when I had a fat burner years ago it did affect my sleep and took me a while to re-adjust. With regard to the Melatonin 20mg sounds excessive to me, I take some but only 3mg a day. When I first start taking it it sometimes disturbs my sleep for a few days and then it settles down.

Good stuff on dropping 10lbs the first week be interesting to see how much you manage for the second week. If you keep going like that then the 50ilbs won’t be a problem!


17.5lbs in 13 days is astounding, i though i lost weight fast on this diet, by week 3 mine works out at around 1lb a day normally, but your’re doing really well.

Unless u were unusually bloated or had a really gut or were carrying a huge amount of water. Either way you must feel a lot lighter on your feet. I hope you hit 30lbs by day 28!!

Keep up the good work!


Day 14 - Nearly done for the day. I have two Discussion assignments I have to work on and I also need to get my 60 mins of streching and a Hot tub in.

Good NEWS!! I Not ONLY Slept awsome last night I think I know what was screwwing with my sleep. I am not actaully using HOT-ROX per se. I use VPX Meltdown, not endorsing, I simply got a really sweet deal (normaly $64 a bottle, WLAMART had a sale 19.99, so I bought 3).

Anyhow, Directions say never exceed 3 total capsuls per day… well I am not one for reading all those directions. I take 3 upon waking… and 2 more at noon. I have found that not taking the noon dose let me sleep solid (yes I did still take the 20MG Melatonin). Today I took 4 on waking. If I sleep well I may shift to 5 tomorrow, and drop to 10MG Melatonin.

Tomorrow we shall see the results in Pics and Graphs of what 14 days can do for my fat ass!!