50 lbs in 50 Days!

hi every one,

i gotta say i have never done this before, posted on a forum that is, not weight loss. i have tried that several times before.

so here’s the thing i am about to start V-Diet, it is the first time i am going to follow a diet to try and loose weight.

my goal is to loose 50 lbs in about 50 days.

why 50 lbs and why 50 days you ask?

No reason at all…really no reason at all…i will just try it.

my current measurements

Height 76 cm
Weight 291.4 lbs
Neck 17.5 in
Shoulders 24 in
Chest - Upper 48 in
Chest - Lower 49 in
Waist - at Navel 45.5 in
Waist - at largest 48 in
Hips - at largest 48 in
Upper Arm - L 16.5 in
Upper Arm - R 15.5 in
Upper Leg - L 29.5 in
Upper Leg - R 29.5 in
Lower Leg - L 19.5 in
Lower Leg - R 19.5 in
Ankle - L 10.5 in
Ankle - R 10.5 in
body fat
Arm - R 26 mm
Arm - L 26 mm
Leg - R 46 mm
Leg - L 44 mm
Waist 56 mm
Chest 56 mm

here is how i plan to get it done…

i will follow V-Diet to a tee for 28 days and then 2 weeks of transition period in which i will do intense cardio followed by intense weight training, and then pretty much starve my self for the last 8 days.

now i know i will get the whole “not healthy for long term” speech, and i know it is not, but i just want to try it regardless.

let me tell you a bit about my self.

i am 6’4" 291 lbs

in the last 10 years i have gained 6 inches and 110 lbs, mostly because of my bad eating, i can easily workout for 3-4 hours a day, in fact i love it, but until i can loose a lot of weight i wont start to shape up.

now i am probably the healthiest 291 lbs man you will ever meet (if there is such a thing), i just had a full check up done including urinalysis, cholesterol and etc… everything was working fine including the old ticker.

so i am confident that i can do the V-Diet and walk away scotch free. now i do realize that V-Diet is pretty much a plug for bio tests products. but the thing is that the only problems i have had all my life is bad eating, its not just that i eat bad food it is that i don’t usually have healthy food available to me, and V-Diet solves this problem by providing me with easy to prepare and carry around liquid meals.

o and while i am at it i will also try and curb the smoking habit.

and the pics are edited like that to take out any identifying information because i am extremely ashamed of my body, and don’t want any one to recognized me.

so with that said i welcome you to take this journey with me, i will update my measurements and pics weekly and post a daily summary.

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Sounds like a bad idea

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