5 Days Left, Have Not Lost a Pound

I have in fact GAINED a pound, which is NOT something I was expecting! Here is a picture of my progress so far(I’ll take real before and afters after its all said and done)!

before, for reference

Um, you didn’t have much to lose to begin with. It looks like you’ve actually added some muscle mass. May I ask what you weighed when you started, and what your lifts were, both before and after?

It looks like you weren’t flexing in the before pic while you are flexing in the current pic.

you are not supposed to go strictly by scale weight… that is why you take the measurements… assuming that those are abs in the first picture and not the shadow then you clearly lost fat and gained LBM if you “gained a pound”

perhaps neelydan does not understand the point of the Velocity Diet.

I weighed 179 and I am 180 now. I have lost a SHITload of fat though, I was expecting to keep my muscle mass, not gain any!! It feels so weird not being able to brag manbreasts, and my ass has gone down to a normal size(it was goddamn huge)! I’ll post my entire log at the end. So far I am impressed as hell! This has actually changed my life.

Great job, man.

Interesting how almost everybody assumes that you think the lack of weight loss is a bad thing. Gives an interesting insight to their scale issues. :wink:

I would have absolutely loved to lose fat but no scale weight on this program. But I knew that would not happen in my case.

Flexing or not, it is obvious from your pics you have made a great change and are very happy about it. Congratulations!

(Although I must admit, it is hard for me to imagine anyone not losing some scale weight on this diet unless they were previously acclimated to an extremely low-calorie diet with no training whatsoever before starting.)

Yep, I agree with the others. I see fat loss (and you didn’t have much to lose to begin with) and some muscle gain.

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