5 Days into V-Diet and Going Strong


I just started the V-Diet monday. So far so good. I just had some questions on the HSM. I was wondering what i could but in the salad.


I just had my HSM yesterday. I had a romaine salad with cuccumber, tomatoes, and onions. Only used oil and vinegar for the dressing. Normally, I would not thought much about this salad, but since I was looking so forward to the HSM, it tasted great! I was shocked as to how great the “healthy” food tasted. Steak, brown rice, broccoli, zucchini, salad, and fruit as dessert. Normally, I would of preferred wings and beer, but not after one week of shakes. Much more respect for food now.


Yeah same here the food tasted amazing i had 2 chicken breast with brown rice, broc, and a big spinach salad.