5/3/1 Stack Question


Hey Chris, I’m going to order the 5/3/1 stack friday but i have a few questions.

  1. To make Plazma stretch, i’m going to do 1 scoop, the full 3 just gets too pricey too quick. Plus i’ve done 3 even for JM’s leg routines and it’s hard to get all the plazma down while training, usually I have to finish it off post workout, like my drive home from the gym. So would 1 scoop suffice? and I prefer to drink it intra, not before. The meal JM has me eating is 30-45 min anyway and there is no way i’d could consume that much liquid before LOL

  2. When would the best time be to take MAG-10? I see a bunch of people talk about pulsing and to be honest that’s completely new to me. I usually down my shakes in 5 min or less now. So how would i pulse it, recommendations?

I’m sure the Brain Candy is pretty straight forward, take whenever right?


  1. Ideally, have one serving of <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma as a pre-load before training. Tim Patterson says that if someone is only using one serving, it needs to be the pre-load. Remember, you want Plazma “in you” and doing its thing during the workout. If you only use an intra dose, it’s not all going to all be in the muscle during the workout, only toward the middle or end.

Then, ideally, have another serving intra-workout if it fits your budget. Two servings may still fit your budget better than three and still has a huge impact. If that doesn’t work financially, have the one serving pre-loaded.

  1. <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10 is best used after training. “Pulsing” means to have a serving between meals. Some people prefer to have a pulse upon waking and another before bed. It’s a versatile method and several different protocols work. This article gets into some of the science: See the Mag-10 store page for more info. Budget-wise, the most important pulse is post-workout. Anything else is icing.

  2. <a href=""target=“new”>Brain Candy is best used in the AM upon waking, if you handle stimulants well and are using the caffeinated version. You can use it at other times if you’d like, but we’ve found it to have an all-day effect. Just don’t take it too late the day of course.


Thanks Chris…

So let me ask, if I’m preloading it, would that be my prework out meal then? JM currently has me doing 1/2 cup dry measure oats w/ 2 Scoops of protein and 1tbsp of peanut or almond butter. I usually just make it into a “pudding” and consume. Not sure if eating that AND drinking Plazma would be wise.

Also for the MAG-10 and post workout… Most days that would work great as I train early, but there are certain times where I train so late that my post workout “meal” is my last meal for the night. Like last night was arms, when I got home at 9:30pm, I ate my food and then went to bed an hour later. So would MAG-10 be wise as my last meal ONLY on days I train late?

Sorry for all the questions, I just want to make sure I do it right with these supps.



You’ll just want to separate the solid food pre-workout meal from the Plazma, which you’ll have 15-20 minutes before lifting.

Just have the Mag-10 right after training, then go home and eat.


Ok will do. One last question, any more member savings for the month of november? I’d hate to buy my stuff tomorrow and then a discount code comes out on monday…


[quote]Mr_Freshnuts wrote:
Ok will do. One last question, any more member savings for the month of november? I’d hate to buy my stuff tomorrow and then a discount code comes out on monday… [/quote]

I’m not sure what Tim Patterson has up his sleeve, sorry.


Thanks Chris… placed my order first thing this morning and I also ordered 2 bottles of Indigo 3G… i’m pretty excited to try this stack. I’m on the more carb sensitive side, so I’m really hoping this helps.