5/2 Diet, Micro-PA + Indigo-3G

For CS, TC, or anyone who has done 5/2 I had a few questions:

What were your preferred food choices? Did you go with mostly protein and fat, protein and carbs?
MAG-10 + a regular meal

For someone taking indigo-3G and Micro-PA, is it worth it to take on fasted days being that overall intake is low. Would it perhaps be more beneficial to take it twice the next day (training day)?

Also I am at 9-10% bf so I am wondering if a mild caloric surplus on my training days would help body composition, or should I just go with maintenance.

I’m asking TC and CS but also very curious on other people’s experience and choices.

Thank you again.

[quote]AbsoluteBoxer wrote:
For CS, TC, or anyone who has done 5/2 I had a few questions:

What were your preferred food choices? Did you go with mostly protein and fat, protein and carbs?
MAG-10 + a regular meal[/quote]

Boxer, I did the 5/2 diet for about 6 weeks and it was great for fat loss while maintaining and even building LBM, no doubt. Without knowing too much about your training and nutrition, I would say if you really ARE 9-10% body fat, you should be eating at least maintenance calories, if not a slight caloric surplus on hard training days. The point of the 5/2 diet is to adjust nutrition only on the 2 low days, so I guess the first question is, what is your current nutrition like?

Personally, I used to 5/2 plan to get down to the 10% level, I had very good success sticking with clean foods and getting a lot of carbs in the workout window, eating P/F meals until my meal before the workout, where I’d have good carbs from rice or Finibar, 2 scoops Plazma during workout, and lots of clean carbs post workout. Eating to support the muscle is essential, and with the 2 very low calorie days, you do NOT want to under eat on the 5 regular days.

For me, I used the 5/2 to plan as a cutting plan, adjusted my nutrition on training days and it worked out very well, but I was higher than 10% at the time. Being lower body fat now, if I were to do it again currently, I’d eat a slight caloric surplus on training days with more carbs centered around and after my workout, train super hard (is there any other way?) to put the nutrients to good use. However, being 9-10% body fat, I would not do the 5/2 plan, MAYBE a 6/1 plan.

Just my personal experience, I don’t think it’s necessary to take Micro-PA or Indigo on a non training day if you’re looking for the best “bang for your buck.” If you can afford a constant stream of both Indigo and Micro, that’s awesome and go for it. I take on training days and have had good success with it. Especially on one of the very low calorie days, I think Indigo or Micro would be a waste. If you’re gonna have those on a non training day, it should be a higher calorie/carb day so the supplements have material to work with.

I also don’t think it’s necessary to take either twice in the same day, but that’s just my opinion. I used to take a double serving of Indigo for about a year when it first came out, I think the dosage recommendation has changed since then though. Training days has worked out well, if your nutrition is in line and you train with intensity, just my opinion, I don’t think it would be necessary to take two servings of either supplement in the same day since the new recommended dosages. At least this works out well for me and allows me to always have it when I need it to train, and keep making progress.

Now this is impossible to answer, without knowing about your previous training/nutrition history, seeing pictures or what your goals are. If you ARE around 9-10%, why are you doing the 5/2 diet? Assuming your answer will be “to get super shredded” then you should definitely be eating to support muscle on the 5 days, but again I think having 2 VERY low calorie days at 10% is risky. I would highly advise against being in a caloric deficit on your training days if you do the 5/2.

Again, knowing more about your training and current body comp would be helpful to provide more detailed info. You want to eat to preserve and maintain muscle, so being 9%, if you have enough muscle on your frame, you should have no problem eating good clean foods (and lots of them) without it going to fat.

Good luck!

Thank you so much for your thoughts!
I’ll try to write a small bit about myself and more later when I have the free time.
29 years old, I DID measure body fat with calipers and a co worker (we are both trainers)
Reason why I want to get lower body fat is

1- I have a vacation end of the year in Caribbean.

2 - I want to be more ripped for future photo shoots.

3- I’m at 9-10% but I don’t feel it’s my true body fat set point. I was heavier for an while for a few years (probably 15%) and before that when I was younger my set point was around 8% very lean. So my goal is to get to about 5% and keep it there for a while and reset my set point. (Currently I feel like it’s at 10-12% so it has gotten better). I feel that every time I try to push up calories To add size I slowly move towards +15% because that’s the body fat I was at for about 3 years or so. So I want to get much lower have that be my new set point and see if my insulin sensitivity improves (which it has a slight bit)

4- I have zero plans for bodybuilding but I do part time amature modeling. I personally want to do this to challenge myself and be an inspiration to others.

My nutrition is spot on. Gluten free, diary free most of the time.

Rice, chicken, nuts, egg whites, green veggies
Little deviation from that.

Training is always methodical and intense. Next week I will start CTS high performance fatloss program. (Outlined in his thread somewhere) which is 12 weeks leading to my vacation (afterwhich I’ll plan another photo shoot)

I’m in agreement with u that I may not even need both IF days. So as an amendment to CTS work out I won’t be doing the extra added cardio.
If see I’m losing too much weight I will switch to a 6/1 diet. I think a caloric surplus on training days is a good idea especial since I am a ectomorph.
I’m glad to hear that adding on size is still a great possibility as I could always be bigger.

Robstein, what where your meal choices like for your two 400 cal meals. Protein/fat? MAG-10? Some combination?

Boxer it sounds like you have a game plan and consistent training/nutrition, and clear goals. I hope this works out for you!

On the low days, my breakfast was typically:

2 whole eggs
3-4 egg whites
diced tomatoes
2 cups broccoli
1oz grassfed cheddar

typical low cal dinner (pretty similar to breakfast):
6oz chicken breast
3-4 egg whites
diced tomatoes or no sugar tomato sauce
2 cups broccoli
1oz grassfed cheddar

I was sure to eat lots of fibrous veggies and greens to keep me full, as well as Zevia soda (0 calorie naturally sweetened with stevia). Also, be sure to drink a lot of water on these days, it’ll help keep you full and also flush out any water weight you may be holding on to. I also took 2 scoops superfood in the morning, made sure to take my usual vitamins after breakfast, and drank a little extra coffee throughout the day (alertness and help curb any hunger.) I would also have a couple of BCAA’s mixed with water throughout the day. I would recommend solid foods rather than MAG-10 for your meals, you’ll want them for the nutrients and satiety on this low day.

OK cool. Loading up on green veggies seems like a good idea. I notice when I have veggies in my omelets I stay very full.
I’ll probably do something like that and cooked in a good bit oil to get to 400cals

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