47 with a Baby on the Way, Time to V-Diet

Hey there, I am getting ready to hit this hard! I am 47 and a baby on the way. Just ordered everything I could Flamout, Plazma, Indigo-3G, HOT-ROX, Metabolic Drive and Superfood - I got the E book. Just looking for any other advice I can get. We have a planet yuckness, but I think I will try the Y mca here. Not many choices. So please, any advice will do. I am 230ish my wife and I were in pretty decent shape a few years ago, even ran a marathon- so I have have have to loss some weight and get back in shape, Baby is coming in April.

I’m in the minority, but I don’t think all Planet Fitnesses are that terrible. Some have legit free weights and a rack or two. I used to belong to one (for convenience) and, while it had three Smith machines, no stand-alone barbells, and dumbbells only up to 60 pounds, I was able to get some decent sessions there between the DBs, machines, Smith, and cables. Never had an issue with the legendary lunk alarm, either.

So I wouldn’t write the place off without at least trying a session or two there. But you’ll want to make sure they have free weights, barbells, and squat racks.

Other than that, follow the plan to the letter and you’ll be on track. Plan ahead as best as possible (including the HSM. Trying to freestyle it on the fly can lead to trouble), stick with your NEPA and V-burn workouts, take before pics and weekly measurements.

Keep a log here and if any questions or roadblocks come up along the way, post them up and we can get them sorted out.

Thank you very much. I appreciate all help I can get. Good Lord knows I am
gonna need help aging well with a baby on the way. I am pretty affraid of
the diet. Starting a new job and bathroom breaks lol. Anyway please if you
can think of anything else I truly would appreciate it. Thank you again.
And for the record planet fitness does have that stationary squat rack and
bench. But yes they have 75 pound dumbells.

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