41Year Old V-Diet Log

Well, I am getting prepped for another run at the V-Diet. I did this last year, and liked the results. It is a little bit tough, but it is definitely worth it. I would say the last two weeks give you the best results.

I purchased the supplements and took measurements and photos this morning. I will be starting tomorrow.

Last time around, I couldn’t handle the Superfood and the HOT-ROX. Both just completely jacked up my stomach. I am considering adding some other thermogenic type product instead of the HOT-ROX. Not real sure what I can do instead of the Superfood. That one is a little more difficult.

Last time around I did the body fat dunk test and actually lost a lot of muscle. I did the dunk test before, after, and three months after. Everyone posted that my muscles had “deflated” but I don’t think so. The dunk test three months after the diet confirmed the results. Hopefully the replacement thermogenic that I find will help spare muscle as well.

This whole thing is sort of a fun self-experiment and test of will power. Here we go.

So you came back for more? Interesting… I wonder if I’ll do this again…

I’m starting my second week and have definitely seen some changes. Fortunately no strength loss yet. I’m in the same age category as you, and it’s the first time I’ve ever tried any kind of strict eating regimen.

Superfood doesn’t affect my gut, but I do get jittery from the HOT-ROX.

Surge was terrible the first week, until I learned to add more water and shoot it.

So far so good.

Good luck!

Day 1:

In the books. 1 hour NEPA walk. Fairly easy day as this diet goes. I know the tough part will start in about two or three days. Anyway, not a bad start. Weighed in at 206.6 lbs this morning. No thermogenics, other than my usual black coffee in the morning. I will post photos and measurements later this week or on the weekend when I have more time.

Thanks for the support Brandonnugent. I gained the strength back fairly quickly after the diet was over and I kept the same body comp for about nine or ten months. It was only when my work and travel schedule got out of control that I gained about 10 lbs – thus the need for the diet.

It is crazy, the habits you develop. For instance, I came home from work today and immediately wanted to grab some food out of the refrigerator. Looking forward to day 2.

Day 2:

One more down. I am beginning to remember the feeling again. Getting light headed. Trying to stay on track at all times. The worst is always in the evenings. Always stay on top of it.

Weighed in at 204.6lbs this morning, then I did my first workout. The deadlifts were brutal for me. It was only 235lbs, but it was a struggle to keep the recovery times down. Did the NEPA tonight for 40 minutes as well. Not sure if it was actually NEPA – I walked around a park trying to get my iphone to play music. Never figured it out. And then came home.

Day 3:

Today wasn’t so bad. I took a hydroxycut this morning, which really curbed any appetite for me until about 2 pm. I actually fell behind on the shakes. I had a couple of issues today, so I wasn’t able to get my NEPA in. I really enoy the time I spend on my walks, so I am bummed I missed it today.

I am sipping my fourth shake right now, and then will have my almond butter shake in about two hours. I weighed in at 202.4lbs this morning, so I am obviously losing a lot of water weight. Also, I am now remembering how annoying the diet can be – where I have to take a piss just about every hour. I think that phase passes after a bit, but I can’t really remember.

Day 4:

This was a fairly brutal day. I know it gets easier in a little bit. I weighed in at 200.2lbs this morning, so that is a lot of water – 6.4 lbs in four days. I was hungry and light headed from about 2 pm onward. I got some good NEPA walking to work this morning and home this evening. I haven’t done it very often, this diet reminds me to get out and just walk to work instead of driving.

I am light headed, sitting here typing this out while drinking my final shake of the day. I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow as late as I can. Also, last time I waited eleven days before eating my first HSM. This time around, I am going to do it one day early. Day 6 is Sunday, so I am going to have a late lunch with my folks on Sunday. I know I will make it through tonight without breaking down. Then tomorrow, I will have the thought of the HSM on Sunday to get me through the day. Then its like I am already at Monday and Day 7 which is 1/4 of the way complete. That’s what I have to do with this diet. Trick myself all the way to the end.

Day 5:

Weighed myself this morning and almost fell over 194.6 lbs. That would be 12 lbs lost in 5 days. Turns out my cleaning person had moved my scale so it was sitting on uneven tiles which gave it a small error. I placed the scale on the hardwood floor and it hit 198.4 lbs. Still not bad I started at 206.6 lbs. That’s really a lot of water. I think I probably still have another day or two of water loss, before things start to level out a bit.

I hit the weights first thing this morning and it felt good. I am taking longer rest periods than recommended – I am resting about 1 min 30 between sets on things like squats – less than a minute on bench press and pull ups. I like lifting heavier, even with the longer rest periods. I know I should follow the program to a tee. Next workout I will.

I am sipping shake number 4 today as I write this. It is 8:20 pm, so it will be tough to get in number 5. WIll do my best.

I am cashing in my HSM tomorrow on day 6. I will go out and visit my folks and enjoy an awesome meal. I can’t wait. I don’t believe the last time I did this diet I was so excited about eating. Also, I discovered one of those services that delivers healthy meals to your house. Once I am done with the V diet, I am going to sign up. One of my biggest issues is just a super busy life, and no time to shop, prep, and cook healthy foods.

One more thing, I spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out how to get the photos off of my phone and uploaded to the website. I couldn’t figure it out. I know, totally lame. I did it last time. I’ll give it another shot tomorrow.

I started the Vdiet on a tuesday, but I am going to have to do the measurements on Sundays instead. So, here goes:

Height: 6’1
Weight: 206.6; 197.4 (-9.2 lbs)
Neck: 16.5; 16.5
waist at navel: 38.5; 38 (-.5)
waist at widest: 39; 38 (-1.0)
chest at nipple: 41; 40 (-1.0)
chest (upper): 42.75; 41.5 (-1.25)
R Bicep: 13; 12.75 (-.25)
L Bicep: 13; 12.75 (-.25)
Hips (widest): 42.5; 42 (-.5)
R thigh: 24.75; 24 (-.75)
L thigh: 24.75; 23.5 (-1.25)
R calf: 15.5; 14.75 (-.75)
L calf: 14.75; 14.75 (0)
R ankle: 8.5; 8.5 (0)
L ankle: 8.5; 8.5 (0)

Total at the begining of day six:

9.2 lbs lost and 7.5 inches.

I am looking forward to hitting the point where the weight loss is actual weight loss and not just water weight. I would have thought that I would hit that by now, but apparently not because my weight loss every day is massive. Last time my weight loss was 6.6 lbs through the first week, this time I am at 9.2 lbs in six days.

I am going to try and do the photos one more time. I hope this loads correctly!

Well, it doesn’t look like the photo uploaded correctly. I don’t know what to do. If anyone knows, please clue me in.

I had my HSM – cabbage, chicken, and radish salad; hangar steak; brussel sprouts, and a small sweet potato. Oh yeah, and a Mojito.

The mojito got me looped pretty quickly. It was nice to get a buzz on nothing. And the food was unbelievable. I am so satiated. It feels so good. Uggh. I have one more week to go before I get the next one. I should be good for a stretch now as well.

I started to think about it today. If I work out M,W,F and either Sat/Sun, then I am having Surge (carbs) four days a week. Throw in the HSM and I can have carbs five days a week. It’s really just the days without any carbs that are tough. That would mean only Tues and Thurs would be difficult days. That’s actually pretty easy. I am going to give it a try.

Day 7:

Other than being pretty spacey all day long, it was fairly uneventful. Weighed in at 199.6 lbs, so a 2.2 lb gain after my HSM. No biggie.

Did my workout in the morning. I was burping a bunch whenever I would try to shorten the rest periods. I really hope I don’t get an upset stomach like I did last time. Any ways, the workout was good. Went to work, missed a shake around lunch time, so I am having number four at 8 pm, and then will try to get the last one around 10 pm. Got some NEPA this evening as well. About 45 minutes. All in all, I felt pretty good. Tomorrow will be a tough day as will Thursday. I have a softball game thursday night that could end up being a real zoo for me. I just have to make sure not to drink any beer or eat any food.

I’m with you on the mid-workout burping. Almost lost my lunch yesterday doing the V-burn. Burp. Rep. Burp. Rep.

Good luck at your game!

Thanks Brandon. Last time around I had some severe GI tract distress from all of the potions and powders. This time I added one of those probiotic pills to the mix and it seems to be helping – at least to a degree. Last time was just awful at this point.

Day 8 is done. I don’t remember the beginning being this difficult last time around. I am still craving food, last time I wasn’t really craving it this badly. At least that’s not how I remember it!

Oh well. Just trying to stay focused and realize this is only one month out of an entire year. Heck, this is only one month out of a lifetime – hopefully I won’t have this wild hair up my ass and do this again. Tomorrow should be an easier day, and then Thursday I have to really gear up for it. I don’t want to mess up at the softball game. Also, the second week is where most people fail. If I can make it to the halfway point, then I can make it home.

Day 9:

Done. Missed a shake again. No Nepa and my stomach was too jacked to work out this morning. Bummed on that front. Oh well. I will hit it in the morning. Weight was 198.4 lbs this morning. Tomorrow is thursday. Just got to make it through.

One day at a time.

Day 10:

Actually one of my easier days believe it or not. Worked out in the morning, ran out of time on my deadlifts so only got halfway through them — Had two shakes at the office, one for breakfast, one when I got home and now just waiting on the last one with almond butter. It should be good.

Feels good to get through today. Weighed in at 197.6 lbs, so not a huge weight loss happening this week. That’s okay with me. I remember the last time, I really lost the most inches toward the end and even in the transition. Tomorrow will be a good day, should be fairly easy for me and then I get to think about my HSM. My bday is saturday, but I do like the idea of saving up my HSM for Sunday.

Also, good to note that this was my first day at the office where I didn’t crash in the afternoon. So, I guess ten days is how long it takes to get a grip on this thing.

Day 11:

Another easy day. Just writing this while I am drinking my final shake. Got in about 25 minutes of NEPA today. Weighed in at 196.4 lbs. Starting to think about what I should do for my HSM…All is good with the world.

They celebrated my birthday at the office today (its actually Sunday). One of my favorite employees made my favorite cake of all-time – a peanut butter cheesecake with reese’s peanut butter cups on the top. Holy cow. It is awesome – and of course I didn’t have any. It wasn’t even an option, obviously.

Crazy that it didn’t even bother me one bit. I am in the honeymoon phase of the diet. I’m not really hungry, not really craving anything. Just putting in my 28 days. I know it won’t last for the next 17 days, but nice to know that I get to coast here for a little bit.

Day 12:

Weighed in at 196.4 lbs this morning. Decided to do my HSM today. Normally, I do it on Sunday so that I can spend saturday figuring out what I am going to eat. Not this time – just went for it. Had dinner with my parents again – went to a fantastic restaurant. Had the short ribs with veggies. Really good food!

My working out has been weak. No Nepa and no weights today. I feel fine, just lacking the discipline to do it when I don’t feel 110%. I will hit it hard tomorrow.

Day 13:

Happy Bday to me! Weighed in at 197.4 lbs. Amazingly, went another day without hitting the weights or the v-burn or even NEPA. Typically if I go three days without exercising like this, I need therapy. I actually feel okay, so maybe that is another effect of the v diet?

Went out on a boat this morning, and ended up taking all day. I didn’t bring any protein powder because I really wasn’t planning on staying out there very long. After about five hours, I was dying. Luckily, I held out. No beer, no food, nothing. Held strong and wolfed down a protein shake as soon as I got home.

I can’t wait to workout in the morning. I am sure I will have a good workout.

Day 14:

I am at the halfway mark. Hooray!

Here are the measurements –

Height: 6’1
Weight: 206.6; 197.4; 198.6
Neck: 16.5; 16.5; 16.5 (0)
waist at navel: 38.5; 38 (-.5); 37.75 (-.25)
waist at widest: 39; 38 (-1.0) ; 37.75 (-.25)
chest at nipple: 41; 40 (-1.0); 40.5 (+.5)
chest (upper): 42.75; 41.5 (-1.25); 42.25 (+.75)
R Bicep: 13; 12.75 (-.25); 12.75 (0)
L Bicep: 13; 12.75 (-.25); 12.5 (-.25)
Hips (widest): 42.5; 42 (-.5); 41.5 (-.5)
R thigh: 24.75; 24 (-.75); 23.5 (-.5)
L thigh: 24.75; 23.5 (-1.25) 23.5 (0)
R calf: 15.5; 14.75 (-.75); 15.5 (+.75)
L calf: 14.75; 14.75 (0) ; 15.25 (+.5)
R ankle: 8.5; 8.5 (0)
L ankle: 8.5; 8.5 (0)

Sweet results for week 2 – I gained 1.2 lbs and I lost .25". A lot of work for not a lot of results. I haven’t cheated, I haven’t been working out and doing the NEPA the way that I like. However, this is a little strange. I have even skipped the fifth shake twice – either I fell asleep before I could drink it or my stomach was too jacked up.

I will persever, however it does make for some interesting conjecture.

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