40 Trying to Keep Up with 20 Something's

First off I want to thank everyone who has posted before me because you truly helped make my decision to get on the V-Diet much easier. That being said I started on the 3rd of July and haven’t looked back yet. Some days are easier than others but for the most part cravings are few and far between.

I will post measurements below but what I am the most pleased with is how my clothes fit already.

Height: 68 in
Weight: 208
Neck: 17
Shoulders: 48 1/2
Chest upper: 44
Chest lower: 43
Waist: 41
Hips: 42
Upper arm left: 14
Upper arm right: 14 3/4
Upper leg left: 24
Upper leg right: 25
Lower leg left: 16
Lower leg right: 15 1/2
Ankle left: 9
Ankle right: 9 1/4

I weighed in this morning at 199.2, I haven’t felt gassed or any more exhausted than normal. Currently using the beginner workout program because I never worked with weights. Today was my HSM made chicken tacos (craving) made two ate one and felt satisfied.

Once again thank you and I will try to make somewhat regular posts on here.

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