4 Wks Done


Starting measurements
Height 6-2
Weight 295
Neck â?? 19â??
Shoulders â?? 20.5â??
Chest â?? Upper â?? 50â??
Chest â?? Lower â?? 46â??
Waist - at Navel â?? 48.75â??
Waist - at largest- 49â??
Hips - at largest- 46.5â??
Upper Arm â?? L â?? 18â??
Upper Arm â?? R â?? 18â??
Upper Leg â?? L -28.5â??
Upper Leg â?? R â?? 28.5â??
Lower Leg â?? L â?? 18.75â??
Lower Leg â?? R â?? 18.75â??
Ankle â?? L â?? 11.5â??
Ankle â?? R 11.5â??




my numbers keep messing up
Height 6-2
Weight 270
Neck 18in
Shoulders 21in
Chest Upper 47.5in
Chest Lower 43.75in
Waist at Navel 44.25in
Waist at largest 46in
Hips at largest 44in
Upper Arm L 17.25in
Upper Arm R
Upper Leg L 27in
Upper Leg R 28in
Lower Leg L 18in
Lower Leg R 18in
Ankle L 12 in
Ankle R 12in
Total= 414.25
19in loss


side after


Don’t know why all my pics are sideways


Nice. There’s a very noticeable difference between the two sets of pics. Thats a lot of improvement in just 4 weeks! you can see the difference especially around your neck. you’re lucky. for a lot of guys, thats the last place they lose weight.


Hey Mr Justin,

Great before and after shoots. There’s a massive difference specially around the obliques and your face. Keep it up champ. Im about to post my photo up. Hopefully ill get similar changes to yours.