4 Weeks - Amazed


Great Work! And Congratulations not just on the Success … But on the Process! I live in NYC and meet a LOT of people who try to impress others with their success. But I’m more impressed and care more about the Process people go through to get Success like you’ve achieved! Keep going, and keep inspiring others!



Shit. I hadnt checked this thread for a while. Thank you all so much for you kind words.

I am getting ready to take my official one year pictures. I started the V diet on march 28th, 2011. So in a week, it will be exactly one year. I am really looking forward to seeing my official one year of progress when I put the pictures side by side.

Thank you all so much, again. Your kinds words help me keep going!

Here is a pic a took a few weeks ago.


Awesome stuff, Biddy. My brother went from 340 to 215 over a period of a couple years, so I know how hard it can be. You are a perfect counterexample to all of those people who claim it’s impossible to change your body composition. Be proud.


you look great!!! I may look into the indigo as well.


Holy cow man, crazy progress, be very proud


nice work


what amazes me is that you have no excess skin at all !!


It is interesting. In some poses I do have excess skin and some I don’t. Not sure what is up with that. I know when I flex, the muscle seems to “fill it out” better. I do have some, although not terrible. Mostly on my lower back and love handles. The stretch marks piss me off too.

Starting to contemplate some skin removal surgery. Probably won’t ever do it, but it is just hard to put in all the work I have and still not have the body I want. And not a damn thing I do will get rid of it.


Just a quick update. This was me three years ago. I know this pic was posted before, but I wanted to put everything together.


And Now. My wife just had some promotional pics taken for her gym.


One more.


One more I guess.


You look and prolly feel like a different person. Excellent work.


Awesome stuff man. Congrats.


Awesome transformation man


Great transformation from all your hardwork! this is the second site I’ve been on and came across your story. Something tells me I should follow your footsteps since I keep running into them! haha