4 Weeks - Amazed


Just had a body comp done this morning. 13.5% body fat. Blood pressure was 102/62. At this rate, I will live to be 120 years old… not sure if I want to? :slight_smile: The dietitian was impressed. She works at my clinic that I have been going to for years, so she had all of my medical records from when I was very over weight.

Without saying it, I think she was curious as to how I did it. But if she would have asked, she would have admitted her lack of knowledge. I was talking about things with nutrition that she didn’t have a clue. She told me to talk to my doctor. Kind of funny.


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Taken this morning. [/quote]

Wow dude, your abs are really starting to come through.

How long has it been since your last V-diet run, or did you just do the one? You look like a totally different person that the fat guy (sorry, but your were).


Thanks Lcarus. I have only done the one V diet. I finished at the end of April. I would do another V diet if I thought it was necessary, but at this point I feel I am making progress with just a clean diet and a slightly modified Anaconda Protocol. I am also doing a 24 hour fast every Sunday. My plan is to stick with the Anaconda protocol for another month or so, then probably do the Indigo 3G.

No need to apologize for calling me fat. I know I was. I am just pissed for allowing myself to get so fat! Now I have some loose skin that I am not sure will ever recover. But I will deduct 10 cool points from you for stating the obvious. :slight_smile:

Thanks again man. I Appreciate it.


Look into MSM for the loose skin. There is some dude on youtube (he documented all of his weight loss) that lost more than 100lbs and has no loose skin. He attributes it to his MSM supplementation. You can also use MSM soap.


Thanks, I will definitely look into it! I will be buying some soon. Thanks again.


I bought some MSM yesterday at our local health food store. So we will see. Thanks for the tip!

Updated pic I took this morning.


Exactly six months. This was the day I started the V diet to this morning.


Taken this morning. Second row of abs are coming in. Halfway to my 8 pack abs goal.


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Here is the article. I feel like they left out some important details and didn’t do a good job of explaining how much of a lifestyle change it is to get healthy. They made it sound as though I went on a diet and hopped on an elliptical machine and the pounds melted off. For anyone that has done a transformation like this, we know that it is NOT that simple.

But if it helps motivate someone to make a change it was worth it. [/quote]

Yeah I went from about 320 to 180, only 90pounds medically documented. I remember it was basically a daily effort to eat right, to exercise hard, to just keep on track. I still keep a diet-log with all my calories, fiber, protein, fat, carbs, etc. I found that helped, a lot.

I remember how it felt walking up a flight of stairs, losing my breath, getting sweaty. Looking at some of the before/after pictures here, all I can say about that is you are an inspirational fellow, and to keep up the good work.

On top of looking/feeling, way better, you’ve probably added YEARS to your life, and YEARS to an injury/disease free-(er?) life. Keep it up! Most people never make the success with losing weight that you have, consider yourself an inspiration for others.

“Now I have some loose skin that I am not sure will ever recover.”

If you eat healthy and add a little more muscle to some of the areas you find have lose-skin, give it some time after you made the initial weight-loss, you will probably find that the skin tightens up. Some types of fish and so forth are healthy for the skin, allegedly.

but for example, stomach and thighs are a problem area for some people who have lost a lot of weight. Adding a little bit of muscle there with ab work or something that hits the thighs really works. Also, interval training, things like sprinting seem to help for some reason. I found that loose-skin went away a lot easier on “gaining” phases, where you seek to gain lean muscle mass.

(not that you aren’t well muscled, impressive guns you have there) but when you are done leaning and you feel you have some loose skin, a little bit more hypertrophy will help that. The loose skin is some-thing that gradually tightens up, it happens slowly but surely. depending on the area, it might be harder or easier.

for example, loose skin on the glutes for a man isn’t truly a huge problem, because most people can develop very muscled up/big glutes just doing light goblet squats and the like. anyway, good luck, don’t worry about loose skin too much. You mentioned paleo, not sure what that means, but if you are concerned about the skin, try and get some fish, vegetables and fruits in.

to fully get rid of the loose skin, when you can fully see all your abs, you might need to do a small hypertrophy phase. just to “fill in” if you find some of it is loose. anyway, hope that helps.


Thank you Iron. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Some good tips in there, for sure. Congrats to you on your transformation as well! Kicking ass my man!


Two weeks on Indigo 3G. Love this stuff! I can eat like a fat kid again.


Just posting some more updated pics for anyone that may care. I am still going.





Last one, for now.


Inspiring stuff! Great work.


Hey there Bdiddy. I’m from the Groton area. It’s great to see other people from our state on here! I have counted 3 of us on Indigo. You, myself, and another.


[quote]bdiddy5522 wrote:
Last one, for now. [/quote]
Holy crap man, fat loss usually doesn’t impress me but you have both lost fat AND put on muscle! Damn good work, keep at it (although you have clearly shown you will)!




Just got caught up on this thread. Awesome transformation man, keep up the good work!