4 Day Holiday 10 Days into V-Diet

Hi all,

I’m just curious on opinions. I’m no stranger to the vdiet. I did it years ago when it roughly came out or a year or two after or so.

Doing it again now.

I’ve started today. All good so far. Next Friday in the evening I fly to another city to meet my girl friend for a 4 day holiday weekend. I’m not going to stay on it. I know I wont 100% stop it. I have strong mental will power and come the Tuesday morning I’ll be back on my shakes right away. No talking me out of this one lol. I don’t want to be that ‘guy’ around my girlfriend. I’m having my free choices with food and drink and eating whatever. Who knows though maybe my cravings will change fast and the food I eat wont be that bad. I don’t drink anyhow so that’s a non-issue. Weekend off and then back to it Tuesday morning.

So my real question is this. What would you do in regards to the length?

Treat the first 9 days as just a bonus. Drop a big chuck of fat. Maybe I’ll see a few kgs come back in those 4 days and then do a 28 day cycle once I’m back on it? Or just do 5 weeks in total instead of this first run and another 28 day cycle.

Would be good to get some feedback.



If you’re able to do all the workouts and NEPA between now and next Friday, I’d just use those as a “bonus” like you mentioned and then try to be somewhat reasonable in your food/drink choices while you’re on vacation.

Then, I’d run 28 days when you get back.

Of course, you’ll have to account for the extra products you’ll need to get to complete the extra time on the V-Diet.

If you can’t do all the workouts, NEPA, and stick to the menu between now and then, I’d just wait to start until you’re back from vacation.

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Yeah, pretty much like Mac said. If you’re getting sidetracked for that long somewhat early into the plan, I’d consider what you got through as a “re-intro trial run”, be as not-bad as possible on your vacation, then start the official V-Diet for 4 weeks. Just account for the additional supps like he mentioned.

If your vacation won’t be generally active (consistent hiking or swimming or outdoorsy moving around stuff), try to at least grab one good lifting session during the weekend to make the best of the situation. You can knock out a good full body session in about 20 minutes if you know what you’re doing. This EMOM workout is a killer.

If lifting isn’t possible for whatever reason, at least try to, um, break a sweat everyday with some “NEPA.”

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Thanks for the replies!

I’ll get that workout in as I’ll be at a nice hotel with a gym and 20 mins is not a big deal for a weight session all in the morning. Rest of the time will be active stuff as we are going to a beach resort town so lots of swimming, snorkeling and so on so naturally NEPA will be at play. Neither of us drinking booze so no issue there.

Thanks again!

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