3rd Attempt - Ready for Success

10/10/2012 I started the V-Diet for the 3rd time. I could never seem to get past the 10-day marker, due to how unsettled my entire intestinal tract seemed to be. When my boyfriend suggested that he wanted to drop 10lbs of fat and beef up his muscle to weigh more like he did in college to up his rugby game (like me, he didn’t gain the “Freshman 15” until he got himself out of school, and honestly, I’ve been +/-5lbs from 150 since high school, just a difference in composition), all I could think was: the Velocity Diet will start you on the right track. He seemed thrilled by the idea, once I showed him all the info online. Quite frankly, his enthusiasm really got me going too. So, here I go again…

My only goal is to drop to 20% body fat (I’ve never been a believer that weight matters. No one who sees me believes I weigh 150 anyways). Here are my starting stats and pics:


Height 5’ 5"
Weight 150.2
Body Fat 26.8% (measured via Body Fat Scale, so who knows…)
Neck 13.875
Shoulders 43.5
Chest - Upper 39
Chest - Lower 33.25
Waist - Navel 35
Waist - Largest 35.5
Hips - Largest 40.25
Upper Arm - L 13
Upper Arm - R 13.75
Upper Leg - L 24.75
Upper Leg - R 25
Lower Leg - L 15.75
Lower Leg - R 15.375
Ankle - L 9.5
Ankle - R 9.375

Front View:

Side View:

I’m going to be honest, Day 1 was hell and I almost stopped right then and there. After doing some experimentation over Day 2 and Day 3, I’ve found the following have helped with my nausea (and vomitting):

  1. Don’t blend the shakes - at least not when it’s about 1/2 and 1/2 with water and ice. Metabolic Drive froths up nicely, but the extra air is killer.
  2. Don’t take a multi-vitamin, even if your stomach is full.
  3. Take 1 HOT-ROX for each of the first 3 shakes of the day.

On Day 3, I also found that while food smells and sounds delicious, I’m not actually feeling urges to eat and it’s much easier to resist. Yes, I’d love to just chew on something, but it’s definitely not required. Honestly, I think my boyfriend is having a harder time with this than I am. He says he’s exhausted and bored (trying, unsuccessfully, to get him a hobby) and occassionally hungry. I think his hunger is related to the fact that he just went from 3,000 calories a day during rugby season to 1,700, and he chugs his shakes to “get it over with”. He’s also feeling “sick”, but I’m 99% sure that’s his body detoxing. I’m guessing he’s not going to quit unless I do (or he doesn’t see results by the end of Week 2).

We’re doing our HSM on Saturday - yes, the evening of the 4th day - but we wanted to start ASAP after the season was over and it seems like a better day to do it than Wednesday night. Any way you look at it, I’m ecstatic that I’m actually feeling good on Day 3 this time around.

So, it’s Day 8 and I made it through an entire week. Yay! Weigh-in last Saturday showed I’d lost 4.2lbs and, according to my body fat scale, 3.5lbs of that was fat.

Sunday and Monday saw some serious gastrointestinal pain, but I’m starting to be convinced that it has to do with being sendentary most of the day for football-watching and work. I also found that despite drinking fluids all day, I am getting dehydrated. So, I’ve upped my water / tea drinking to ensure hydration and the headaches I’d been getting have subsided.

It’s sounding more and more like the SO is going to quit. This diet is truly mentally exhausting, if you aren’t prepared. It’s not going to help that his start weight was 190 and his end weight goal was 180-185. He was almost 185 on the beginning of Day 4, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s closer to 180 by this coming Saturday, at which point I believe he’ll quit. But I’m resolute. I’ve never felt this good on this diet before and I’m mentally ready for the challenge. While I’d love to chew on something, anything, I know I don’t need it and it’s great.

25% of the way through and thrilled so far…

keep up the good work!

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