32 Yr Old Female 5'3


Hello I’m not a big blogger myself but I’m here to keep myself in check. I’ve always been an athlete and have always stayed active. After my first child I lost the weight with good exercise and eating got down to 125 lbs, after my 2nd child it was harder for some reason it felt like hitting 30 made it alot harder as far as my body responding to anything. I’m hoping this diet will jump start me in the right direction. Here are my measurements. I’m charting all the measurements here at home but I’m just going to list the obvious online just for time sake.

Ht. 5’ 3" I feel this is important
Start 4/25
Wt- 139lbs.

Neck- 13.5

Waist navel- 33.5

Hips largest - 40

Arms 10 3/4

Thighs largest- 23.5

Calves - 14.5

Fat% per scale and calibers ave. = 30% Yikes!

I keep telling myself if I can carry a baby for 9 months feeling miserable I can do this for 28 days!!

I am on day 3 of my diet so far so good I catch myself reaching for things to eat and then it hits me I can’t have that funny. This diet will be really good for me. First couple of days were rough but it’s getting better, the flax was tough to take the first day but now I’m aquiring a taste for it. I love mixing the NPButter with the chocalate shake that’s a life saver along with the fiber chews.

Before I used to calculate calories and lift plus run everyday to move a pound, last summer I got down to 124 lbs for a reunion but it was extremely time consuming doing all of that and I would for sure do it again to lose weight but I had to be tearing down muscle because I was really tone but not rock solid especially in my rear so I had to being something wrong, I lost weight but for all the lifting and running I did I still think after 9 months of that I should have looked better, so we’ll see.

I will see this through I’m very disciplined and have always had alot of try when I start something I Finish! But I still would like to here some support because it’s definately not easy by any means.

I do have a question for anyone on this diet, Is there any way to make the Superfood taste better?? I don’t want to mix it with a whole shake and spoil that so I mix it with water and flax and just choke it down, I can make myself eat anything but if there’s a better way I’m interested.

Did I mention I wasn’t much of a blogger LOL! Stay tuned…


Ok I’m feeling like a loser nobody has written on my blog I know boo hoo, Anyways , self, I’m on day 5 of my velocity diet, so far so good with everything, I don’t get hungry it’s just curbing the cravings is all but not hungry, I hope the cravings go away maybe they won’t I don’t know. I’m loving the HOT-ROX, of course prior to this I was probably drinking my beloved half a pot of coffee per day so I’m wondering if I should up my HOT-ROX dose because I may have a high tolerance, I’m going to weigh and measure here in a couple days and then make my decision.

I’m really enjoying the shakes except for the Rasp. Surge I really should have picked a different flavor, oh well I still carry on. The workouts I’m definately feeling so this is good, I just feel like I need to be doing more cardio, it just doesn’t feel like enough, but I’m sticking to the plan if anyone has any input on this I’d love to hear it or just hear from anyone really.


We’re here for ya, no worries!

Any specific questions for me, be sure to drop them in the <a href=""target=“new”>Ask Chris forum so I’ll be sure to see them.

Keep us updated!


Wow, woke up today and felt smaller!! Yes I think this is going somewhere soon Thank you God! Not going to weigh yet though I don’t want to jinx myself. Today was my first V burn challenge, when I first looked at it weeks ago I thought no problem, then before I started today I saw 6 rounds and about sh! you know. The first round I about died, apparently I’m more out of shape than suspected, or like alot! But then kicked it in gear and finished in 21 min. 9 sec. Not great but not terrible either, but sure a little tough. I love it now that it’s over!

Last night I did experience some naseousness (spell check that) but I think it was the mixing the flax with just water and choking it down, I just wanted to enjoy my shake without the flax, but I don’t think I’ll do that again. And it went away midway into my shake.

I’ll admit yesterday I started to feel the dreaded shake thing but after feeling smaller this morning It’s game on! Only 21 days or so to go until transition, I’m planning my first HSM for tomorrow.


Well I’m one day late in getting my measurements in but I’m seeing some success with this. I’m only going to report the changes, otherwise all the other is still the same.

Weight-- now 134 lbs. down 4 lbs.

Waist at navel-- 33 down 0.5"

Waist largest-- 34 down 0.5"

Hips largest – 39" down 1"

I’m happy with the weight however I know I’ve completely cleansed my system and I wonder how much of this is water weight and the other. However weight is weight and inches is inches, I’m curious to see what the next few weeks show.

I do have have pics just not quite brave enough to put them on yet.


This is day 10 on v-diet for me, all is well, I am tired of the shakes but I’ll still prevail here. On the
other hand nothing as far as food sounds good either except for a big fat juicy lean steak, so this is good.

Alot of people on this diet talk about fatigue and I was dreading this, but you know before this diet I was letting myself eat a bunch of junk and I was more fatigued by all the sugar load than I am now, I actually feel better. The HOT-ROX helps alot! By 1:00 in the afternoon I start to feel tired and I realize it’s HOT-ROX time, and it gets me through the rest of the day, and I have absolutely no trouble sleeping at night, it wears off and I sleep sound in fact hard to get up at 6:30 I sleep so good which is new for me.

In the HOT-ROX description they describe it as also being a happy pill, I beleive this too because in the past when I’ve done low carb high protein diets with hard training, I would with no doubt get extemely moody, the devil would serface itself, but I’m not getting this at all, which thank the lord because when I would get moody that’s when I’d feel the stress and would want to eat more, so I’m pleased I’m not getting the moodiness yet anyways. What I’ve also found which I don’t know if it’s coincidence or not but my face skin and hair are looking alot better also.

I had a very good workout today. I’m doing the intermediate, I love Wednesdays workout for some reason. The rest periods are shortening by 5 seconds and I’m feelin that, amaizing what an extra 5 seconds does.

Each night I usually mix 2 tbl spoons of the natural PB with my shake but last night I just decided to lick the PB off the spoon and have my shake separate, yeah heaven, silly I know but just something other than sipping on shakes felt like a lolly pop.

Here at the two week mark I’m going to take pics and post my before and two weeks on v-diet because there are some changes goin on. Counting down


Yeah baby my clothes are fitting better now, about 6 months ago I bought some nice capri’s spent some money then a few months later I gained a little and was pissed at myself that I did that and they were too tight to get on. But it’s coming back off and I can see some definition coming back.

At this point in the V-Diet it’s now getting easier, it’s a bitch starting off, forgive my unlady like talk, especially when you want results now, but after almost two weeks I’m seeing the pay off and I’m already planning when I’m going to do V-Diet 2.

Rocked my workout today, I feel more energized today, feeling great my mood is great, this is what I can’t beleive, still I said it in a previous post on my other low carb diet It’s like my hormones just went crazy and I was stressed and emotional and pissy, but this, this is the toughest diet Ever and I’m not stressed or moody very very level which is the normal me. Unbeleivable.


Just finished my v-burn time this week is 17min. 12 sec. shaved off 4 minutes, very pleased I really felt more conditioned this week than last, last week I was burned on the first round, this week it took me until round 4 to feel that way.

On my non-workout days my NEPA walks have turned into a 30 min. jog, slow jogs I can’t help it I love to run I know in the past I’ve tore down muscle due to running and trying to lift too much in a day so just a slow jog it feels good.

I haven’t been sleeping well the past 3 nights and don’t know if it’s something from the v-diet or if I’m cycling, I had a hysterectomy so I’m not exactly sure what day it starts just know I cycle once a month can’t sleep due to night sweats and I accumulate alot of water at this time, so I’ll be curious to see my results here in a couple of days might not be accurate due to this, we’ll see I guess.

I am a proud mother of two beautiful children so tomorrow we’re having a mothers day breakfast and that will be my HSM planning on steak and an egg white omelette with all the veges and maybe some fruit, Cannot WAIT!

I would love to hear from any other women, or anyone really, who have done this or are doing this just to hear some feedback, I don’t know what to expect in the next few weeks a little worried my results will slow down, so I guess we’ll see.


Hi there, I just read through all your posts, sounds like things are going well for you. I just ordered my V-Diet supplies today so I will be starting this in probably 3-4 days from now. I’m a 46 year old female, pretty athletic, but I need to drop some serious fat! I thought this would be a great way to get a jump start on it leading into summer. Any pictures of you to post? I’d like to see your progress. Best of luck!


YOu sound about where I was when I started. My lowest weight ever was 131, and I would looove to get down to 125, but I don’t know about that. I am shooting for 130 right now.

I had trouble about 10 days in with the shakes as well–I couldn’t stand the thought of another shake and they all tasted waaaay too sweet. But I got past that, mixed flavors, and did okay. Towards the end, I was putting coffee into my morning shakes, so you may want to try that. I didn’t have a problem with the Superfood. It blended in fine for me and I didn’t notice it, but I wouldn’t put it into a shake that I mixed in a shaker bottle, only blended ones.

Anyway, I finished my four weeks–today is day one of transition for me. I lost 9 pounds in four weeks!


So glad to hear from you guys it is a hard diet but when you hear from other people it really makes it easier.

Hwyheat I do have some pics coming either today or tomorrow, I got started on a Tuesday instead of a Monday I will probably get them posted tomorrow I’m scared I hope it looks like there are changes.

Blissteach Awesome way to FINISH! do you have a diet log somewhere and pics to see your changes? Coffee in a shake sounds wonderful I may have to try that. Do you take all the regular supps? I was thinking of adding Se7en to mine didn’t know if you did this or not.


Yes, I added Se7en and took all the other supps. I also take a multi, a joint supp, and iron (my iron is low and I tend toward anemia).


Here’s my before shot… So disgusting and embarrassing, HATE IT!


My photos should be coming up soon. Don’t know what’s happening. Anyways at the end of my two weeks, these are my measurements…

Weight 134, down 1 lb from last week, UGH!

Waist at navel 31.25, down 1.75 inches

Waist at largest 32.5, down 1.5"

Hips at largest 38.5, down 0.5" not enough!

Upper arms the same the same as last week

Upper legs the same as last week

Total lost to date at 2 weeks

Wt. 5 lbs
Inches 5 total

When I look at the numbers I should be happy, I’m just more impatient than that. My clothes are fitting better I do have to say.

I’m still going strong I just hope more changes will come I can’t stand looking at my before pics and too embarrassed to show my face yet. However looking at the pictures makes me want to persevere even more. It’s just really hard when you feel so far gone.


[quote]djt3627 wrote:
Here’s my before shot… So disgusting and embarrassing, HATE IT! [/quote]

The picture quality is really bad too sorry about that.


This is after 2 weeks I personally think it’s somewhat better but not enough I’m still discouraged and disgusted by it. Makes me want to cry really truth hurts sometimes.


Caught this thread by the corner of my eye. You improved! Be nicer to yourself its hard work that your doing and its the right direction.


You should certainly not be disgusted or embarrassed by your before picture! Use it as motivation. I see a lot of progress after two weeks, keep it up!


Thanks earthquake I really need that support right now, I really appreciate it!


Thanks for the encouragement hwyheat, Have you gotten your supps yet?