31 Yr Old Female, 5'5


It seems I hit 25 and it all went downhill. I was always a steady 125lbs and couldn’t put on any weight- my goal was once to be 135. By the time I joined the Army Reserve at age 29, I was 143lbs and felt very unfit and unhealthy. Came out of basic 8 weeks later at 128lbs. I stayed fit and slim until I deployed last year and steadily gained weight the entire year.

I returned home 3 months ago and have been stuck at 167lbs. I tried cardio, dieting, every combination I could think of, then my friend told me about the Velocity diet, so here I am.
I don’t have a steady schedule with my job, but have laid out workout and mealtimes hoping the time differences from day to day won’t have any negative effects on the diet.

DAY 1- not so bad. I used a ziploc bag and premixed my shakes for while I was at work and it worked out great. I am a coffee drinker, but didn’t miss it today, no caffeine headache!

HIPS 39.5
ARMS 11.5
THIGHS 21.75


NEPA walk this morning- perfect weather for it in Virginia! I tried the RunKeeper app on my phone and it worked great! 2.1 miles in 36 minutes. It saves your workout, and even a map of your route. I woke up very thirsty, but haven’t really been hungry today. I think it’s just hardest to get out of the habit of snacking throughout the day. So far so good, though!


Day 3 has been rough going. I’ve found it hard to keep a very good meal schedule on a busy day. I missed Meal 2, so added some extra MD to meals 3 and 4. Hopefully that little blip won’t count against me.


I’ve gone to bed every night with awful heartburn and wake up with dry mouth and a headache- kinda like a hangover that makes you swear off drinking. A friend of mine attributes it to my body detoxing, but I figure by day 5 it would have waned off a little. Is this something others have experienced?