3 Week Time Limit


Hey Chris ,hope all is well happy holidays buddy!
quick question. If you had 3 weeks to get someone in shape (lose 15-20 lbs) what kind of protocol would you use? and which supplements?(i assume bcaa’s to preserve as much muscle as possible) I look forward to your response itll be a life saver.


V-Diet combined with two Pulse Fasts per week. Fastest fat loss I’ve ever seen, full muscle preservation.


how much % of that do you think is water weight loss?
I was going to drop 20 lbs slowly after new years( i went from 185 in summer to 205 now) but me and a few girlfriends made a spontaneous decision to go on an exotic vacation around jan 18th. so i want to get down to 185-190. How do the pulse fasts work? water and bcaa’s only for 2 days of the week?


Just type “Pulse Fast” into our search engine and you’ll find the full protocol.

Any reduced carb diet will result in some initial water loss. How much depends on a number of factors.