3 Week Results V-Diet

Had to get off the diet yesterday because of some medical problems. Resumed normal light clean eating.

Here are my three week results:

53 Year old male

264 pounds to 252 lost 12 pounds

Waist 45.5" to 43" lost 2.5"

Chest 49" No change

Mid Abs 48.5" to 46" lost 2.5"

Shoulders 53.5" no change

Bicep 16" to 15" lost 1"

Calfs 16.5" no change

Mid Thigh 23.5" to 22.5" lost 1"

Neck 18.25" to 17.25" lost 1"

Body Fat 26% to 23.4% lost 2.6%

Some observations:

  1. Do NOT attempt without Fiber!
  2. Flax seeds taste like crap
  3. Surge tastes like crap
  4. Get more than three flavors of protein and switch them up.
  5. I look a lot better in the mirror
  6. I need a new wardrobe already. My pants wont stay up!
  7. I will get back on it as soon as I get off these new meds. It is a great diet for sure!

Remember I started at 374 pounds… so don;t be a jerk and laugh. I am pushing as hard as I can!

I’d sure hope no one would laugh. Going from 374lbs to 252lbs is an amazing achievement! I’m not sure most people would have the patience and motivation to do so, but I’m glad you do. Great work man, keep it up!

I went from 350lbs to about 215lbs. The world is a whole lot better now isnt it?

Dont buy a lot of new clothes, I lost 24lbs on the V-Diet (240 down to 216lbs) but then continued to lose weight for a few weeks after I was done. Bought a few new pairs of jeans when I was done and now they dont fit. Good luck with the next attempt. I’m up for round 2 in July.

Thanks for the encouragement.


It’s good to be a jerk.

But seriously, well done on the weight lost so far. Keep up the good work.

What’s the diet like now?

(Just pointing out, I laughed because you said not to. I can’t help it)

Observation 1. is what I am looking into. I can’t decide on Xanthan gum (1g gum = 1g fibre), psyllium husks (bit more carbie) or fibre sure (powdered fibre).


I agree with everything except the comment about Surge. I loved the original flavor of Surge but drink chocolate now. And that stuff is almost addicting it’s so good.

But great job on the weight so far. Keep it up, eat right and train hard and you’ll be just fine.

Oh, and definitely good comment on the fiber. I can’t emphasize that enough! Especially to try and get more than one source. Don’t try it with just flax seeds, add some Fiber Choice. Trust me on this one.

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