3 Days In! So Far So Good!

My early thoughts so far are:

I can do this!
I feel like I need to do more weight training.

Im craving peanuts and Postacios more than anything else???

Im getting bad headaches right before bed.

Its easier than I thought it would be…up to this point.

Im never “STARVING” but do find many times that Im quite hungry, but is comtrollable. Amazing what a big glass of H2O can do for you.

Am excited about weighing in on Monday!
THanks guys for all your hard word and dedication to the program!

Keep it up and keep us posted!

I just started too. The cravings will go away. The first day was morbid, today (the 2nd day) wasn’t so bad. I just kept thinking about results. Plus, my Best Friend told me that a few other people at the gym told him to tell me to stop working out bc I am getting too big. Whatever.

They’re just fueling the fire to keep me going and more. I have gotten bigger muscle wise, now it’s cutting time! Keep posting your progress. It def. does help you stay focused.

seems we started around the same day. good luck and get some measures and pictures up!

I just started today but look forward to following your log!!!

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