3/30/09 Dcapsk8's V-Diet

So here is goes. I’m on day two right now. Had to wait to post pics. Here are the measurements…

I’m 6’4 209

Leg R:23 L:23
Calf R:15.75 L:15.5
Ankle R:10.5 L:10.5
Arm R:14.5 L:14
Forearm R:11 L:11
Wrist R:7 L:7


right side

left side

more back

so far its been pretty good. no hunger, not tired, no stomach aches, and shakes are pretty good. got a little hyped up from the HOT-ROX but im sure that will go away in a couple of days. summer is just around the corner and i cant wait to see the results. wish me luck guys!

Day 2 almost in the books :wink: Hope you feel good through the rest of the first week too. If you do, count yourself one of the lucky ones, and either way, keep us updated!

Hey Dcap,

Glad to see you finally got your thread going. I’m surprised how sore we got from that first workout…i guess that shows how a little change can have a big affect.

here?s to day 3!!!

Alright, keep us updated!

ya my legs are still pretty sore today but i can only imagin whats in store for us this weekend.

day 3 goin pretty good. last night i tried walking both of my roommate’s dogs and they are freakin insane! i was using cesar millan tricks and everything. it went from a NEPA walk to a full out brawl. i had to fight with em just to stay on the side walk. i think i will be walkin one at a time from now on lol.

so far so good. i have been able to avoid seein real food so i think that is helping. internet got shut off cause i spent all my money on the V-Diet lol. so i have to wait till i get to work with a comp to post anything. lookin forward to my hsm today. think im gonna go to texas land and cattle. wheres the beef!?

Hey Dcap,
Sounds like you’re doing great so far.

What kind of dogs does your roomate have? I watch the dog whisperer too, but I have no idea how he does that stuff. Some little psst sound won’t get my dog’s attention…the word ‘chicken’ is another story. Probably in a couple more days, that will get my attention too.

Hey Decap,
Good to see you on the forum! You’re gonna rock this, you don’t have much in the way of fat to lose. And it looks like you’ve got great support, which is important.

Looking forward to your progress!

This was what Dcap looked like on Sunday, halfway through the V-Burn Challange. Yeah it was a Bitch!!!

Rock on man! Pushing yourself to your limits! You are going to do great since you just have to tear off some fat to see that good solid frame of yours.

PS: Im assuming because of the vodka and jeans, this is more or less an analogy to how he was feeling? lolol

yes. i was about 3 feet away. lol our gym is pretty cool thou i heard some guys sayin “must be leg day” in the back ground as i call ralph on the big white porcelin phone.

so im on day 9 and last night was hard. im starting to get real hungry sometimes. but i think the work outs have been the hardest thing out of all. the rest times is whats killin me. but it seems to be gettin a little less taxing this week.


Congrats man! Have you had your HSM yet?

The workouts are hard, but you feel great after.

my hsm was at texas land and cattle. 12oz steak, sweet potato, and a big ass salad. but i forgot that i could have fruit for dessert until it was too late…tear lol. but it was awesome. usually im the first one finished but it took me forever. not sure what im gonna have this saturday thou.

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