2nd Week on V-Diet Failure - Ideas why?

Hi Chris,

Just took my measurements from the second week and I somehow managed to lose only a pound and GAIN 0.8 inches. I’m obviously confused and a little disheartened and I’m wondering why this may be since I didn’t see it in any other logs I went through. I had my HSM Friday so I doubt it’s glycogen ( V- Burn Challenge and Monday Workout in between). All my supplements are the Biotest ones and I’ve been following the supplement schedule as well as the workout sets, rep, rest almost perfectly (maybe I’ll screw up a rep or two).


Fat loss rate varies. Most who have a slower week then have a “fast” week the next time they weigh in. Fat loss isn’t steady or linear. Also, muscle gain will throw off scale numbers. Measurements can be tricky. I wouldn’t panic. It’s difficult to get them perfect every time, and 0.8 inches is well within the margin of error.

If you think you may want to tighten it up even more, you can drop one scoop of Metabolic Drive for the day and half the flax, which will bring calories down a little without bringing them down too much.

Also, just in case, double check the workout directions, not just the list, but the instructions on the previous page. Sadly, not many read that part and don’t do the training correctly (partially our fault for laying it out with tabs, but be sure to read every tab and sub-tab.)

But mostly likely you’ll be pleasantly surprised next week as you’ll see a bigger jump in numbers.

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