2nd V-Diet Log


Starting V-Diet in the morning. Done it previously about 3 years ago when was at 120kg (264 lbs). This got me down to 112kg (247 lbs) where i stayed at and slowly drifted back and forth to 115kg (253 lbs) for a couple of years. Took the next step 6 months ago eliminating wheat and gluten from my diet and sticking to about a 2500 calorie a day diet which got my to 101Kg (222lbs) just before xmas.

Im currently at 104Kg (229Lbs) although enjoyed myself at xmas mainly alcholol and chocolate so would expect to get back down to 101kg pretty quickly by eating clean for a week or so so will be interesting to see how the V-Diet accelerates this.

I done the first V-Diet as a last resort initially as my weight was getting out of control whereas this one is more about getting to the next level and unconscious competence! I was at conscious competence but obviously slipped back to conscious incompetence over xmas. Will be interesting and am blogging to hold myself accountable, dont want to fail this diet. Want to see out till the end!

I will post the pics and measurements in the morning. Have ordered my supps from Biotest UK which am still waiting to arrive but have some other whey protein aswell which im planning on starting either way tomorrow, dont want to put off for an extra few days! Also with the HSM thread i think it will be easier to keep clean and as mentioned in another thread cannot believe all these gluten free recipes, this is a life saver and will allow me take the next step post V-Diet.

Stay disciplined and work hard. I’m starting today at ~220 and 6’.

[quote]bjohnson04 wrote:
Stay disciplined and work hard. I’m starting today at ~220 and 6’.[/quote]

Cheers, thats all you can do and have to do isnt it! Im not gonna lie this is gonna be hard even though ive done it before but it needs to be done!


Height 6 foot 4 inches
Weight 104Kg (229)
Neck 15.5 inches
Shoulder 46
Chest Lower 38.5
Chest Upper 41.5
Waist Navel 36.5
Waist Largest 38.5
Hips 42
Arms 14 Each Side
Legs Upper 26.5 Left
Legs Upper 26 Right
Legs Lower 17 Each side
Ankles 11 each side

Side Day 1

Back Day 1

Put this in the wrong place! Here is where it belongs!!!

Went fine today.


Front Squat 60kg 5,5,5,5
Chins Bodyweight 5,5,5,5
Bench DBs 30kgs 5,5,5,5
Abwheel 10kg DBs

Front squat was disgusting first set but got better as went on as hadnt done legs in a month or so.
Will up the bench next week should have gone heavier in hindsight.

The ice makes a massive difference to the shakes! The post workout one was a nice change to drinking protein only, was sweeter n a different texture which was nice.

Have the evening shake and pre bed shake left today. Dont envisage any issues today.

Just arrived thank god was getting sick of the other stuff! Only half of the batch arrived as they are waiting on more to come across from us when I rang! Still waiting on superfood n HOT-ROX n Flameout but hopefully be here end of today or tomorrow! Ordered over Xmas so deliveries are a bit funny still! First time ordering from Biotest uk but so far so good!

Another good day, Metabolic Drive was nice at dinner time! Will not be going back to that other stuff! Was good for day 1 to kick off but going forward wouldnt have lasted! Was hungry today mid afternoon but just needed another shake and that sorted it! Looking forward to trying the chocolate with almond butter tonight. Also had a black americano today mid afternoon as was really tired today.

Didnt train today but was on my feet all day and done 30 mins NEPA again. 2nd Strength Training tomorrow!


Good again today, back at work which i think is easier to be honest as im non stop most of day. I really struggled to sleep last night, think i may have had my shake too late! I get so much energy from the MD shakes, never going back to that other stuff! Hard to explain similiar to eating a gluten meal left slightly bloated but with this dont get any of that only energy! So have knocked the last shake tonight to 2 scoops instead of three and had a bit earlier although still wide awake now!

Hungry a few times today but just as its time to have a shake so is an almost reminder its shake time! Am craving my homemade pizza with coconut flour crust this evening!

Workout today:

Step Ups 25kg DBs 10,10,10,10
Bent Over Row 50kg 10,10,10,10
Push Press 50kg 10,10 40kg 10,10
Barbell Curl 30kg 10,10,10,10
Reverse Crunch 10,10,10,10

Got all six shakes in today without issue bar modified last shake to 2 scoops!

Hopefully will sleep tonight!


Woke up tired again and miserable! 45 min NEPA walk and double espresso helped a lot!!!

All shakes went in fine, still taking 2 scoops a night instead of the three.


Went well. Was HSM day. Shakes 1 and 2 no issues. Had HSM for meal 3 which consisted of Side Salad with onions tomatoes cucumbers. Main was chicken fillet wrapped in parma ham with mozarella and Mediterranean veg. and 4 small new potatoes. Was outstanding!! Small glass of red wine also.

I ate meal 5 in a bowl with a spoon which i really liked and will see about adding in more of this!

Starting to feel changes now in the clothes too!


Forgot how tough that V Burn is!! In peaces now! Today was good again praise the lord! Shakes went down fine, am now eating first shake and dinner shake as soup essentially to make my brain think im eating! Seem to fill up alot quicker! Had a shot of espresso before the V Burn today which i definitely needed! Done the Intermediate V Burn x 6 circuits in 25.25 exactly. First 3 sets were under 4 minutes aiming to reset every 4 minutes so about 10-15 seconds rest but the last 3 slowed down! That is considerably quicker than what i done 3 years ago if i recall right so something to work on beating next week!

Last shake of the day to come. Really Hungry now so am going to have my last shake about an 1.5 hours before going to bed and go back to the 3 scoops. I presume the increased appetite is due to the V burn which ideally i should have done yesterday! Day 7 tomorrow and looking forward to tuesday weight in and measurements!


Plain sailing today thank god! Feel like I’m on autopilot today (Famous last words!) Strange Day 7 been a monday which i reckon might be agony on my final week last day!!

Shakes all went down fine, didnt sleep well again but that might be more down to my daughter than the diet, a double espresso helped this morning!

3rd Day Training:

Deadlift 60kg 10,10,10,10 - Will go heavier next week
Decline Bench DB Neutral Grip 35kg DBs 8,8,4 30kg 10,10
Lat Pulldown 9 Plates Neutral Grip 10,10,10,10
Handwalkouts 10,10,10,10 (Horrible after yesterdays V Burn!)

Still have pre bed shake tonight, will up to 3 scoops again i think tonight.

Weight in tomorrow and Measurements! Looking forward to it!


Weighed in at 100.4kg today (221lbs), dropped 7lbs which im sure is much quicker than if i went back eating clean post xmas. Will do my measurements this evening! Slightly disappointed i didnt break the 100kg mark, that is the psychological marker than i havent been able to get under pre xmas but in a way will keep me motivated to keep going!

25 mins NEPA today already and about to do another 40 this evening. Last shake of the evening to come. Mixed the last one last night with very little water and peanut butter and put in a bowl and heated for 30 seconds, was like eating a chocolate and carmel sundae with the carmel texture from the peanut butter!

Looking forward to doing the same tonight! Start my second weeks training tomorrow, will be upping the weights!!!

[quote]barrs1985 wrote:

Weighed in at 100.4kg today (221lbs), dropped 7lbs which im sure is much quicker than if i went back eating clean post xmas. Will do my measurements this evening! Slightly disappointed i didnt break the 100kg mark, that is the psychological marker than i havent been able to get under pre xmas but in a way will keep me motivated to keep going!

Nice work! I wouldn’t expect we’ll get 7lbs lost in the second week but I’m hoping we do.

Cheers mate, unfortunately i dont think so either but id love to see that 99kg on the scales! (I thought i could not get under 110kg also about 4 months ago when i eliminated gluten so this would be a great boost next week!


Another good day diet day! Crap day at work and so close to not training but didnt give in thank god cos i really enjoyed the session once i started! The front squats i stayed with same weight but my depth was alot better and technique through all 4 sets this time was alot better!

Chins were the best technique ive ever done! 5 clean reps at a time is a PB, amazing what losing a few extra pounds can do! Increased the bench press also and the ab wheel rollout was alot easier than last week! Felt really good todays session!

Front Squat 60kg 5,5,5,5
Chins BW 5,5,5,5
Bench Press DBs 35kg DBs 5,5,5,5
10kg DBs rollouts 10,10

Shakes all been good today, ive been missing out on the flaxseed the last few days but prob should put it back in.

Last shake is my usual 3 scoops with very little water, peanut butter blended and heated, gonna up it to 45 seconds tonight and see what happens!

Day 1 V Day 7

DAY 10

Another very good day, feel like I’m on autopilot again at the moment! (famous last words!) Shakes went down well today and to be honest it is just normal life for me now! Slept alot better last night! My nightime hot sundae is much better i think, feel less full going to bed and still managing to get the 3 scoops in now at the last shake which is better in the long run i presume!

Just ordered another 3 tubs of Metabolic Drive from Biotest UK, looking forward to trying the Vanilla now, Banana and Strawberry are sold out at the moment apparently! I am now usually on Shakes 1 to 3 strawberry and shakes 5 and 6 chocolate so i will proabably now do a vanilla stint instead of strawberry! Another Superfood is on the way also!

day 11 tomorrow and potential slippy day tomorrow due to work commitments but should be fine if im organised!

Hot chocolate sundae to come in an hour!!

Measurements Day 10


Height 6 foot 4 inches
Weight 104Kg (229) 100.4 (222) <Taken Day 7>
Neck 15.5 inches 15 (-0.5)
Shoulder 46 47 (+1)
Chest Lower 38.5 38 (-0.5)
Chest Upper 41.5 42 (+0.5)
Waist Navel 36.5 36.5 (0)
Waist Largest 38.5 37.5 (-1)
Hips 42 42.5 (+0.5)
Arms 14 Each Side 14 (0)
Legs Upper 26.5 Left 25 Each side (-1.5)
Legs Upper 26 Right 25 (-1)
Legs Lower 17 Each side 17.5 Left 17 Right
Ankles 11 each side 10.5 each side (-0.5).

DAY 11

Another good day, avoided any complications easily! Got the 6 shakes in really well which helped any potential banana skins. Got good NEPA session also.

StepUps 27.5kg DBs 10 10 10 10
Bent over Row 50kg 10 10 10 10 Form also better wasnt ready for the increase.
Push Press 40kg 10 10 9 6 6 (My last rep on the second last set was suspect). There was a typo on my first weeks push press it was actually meant be 40 and 30kg not 50 and 40kg. So i kept at 40kg today but needed an extra set.
BB Curls 30kg 10 10 10 10 Form much better
Reverse Curls 10 10 10 10

Might have the HSM tomorrow evening although i would rather keep till Sunday evening if i can wait!

DAY 12

Not too much to report. Felt hungry at times today but its the weekend and out of routine! Was 7 days ago i had my HSM also so im sure my brain may be expecting it! Managed to hold out till tomorrow evening!! Will do my V Burn hopefully tomorrow pre meal!

4 Shakes down with my chocolate sundae to come although getting slightly sick of it now! Once d vanilla comes i will mix choc and vanilla hopefully!

Had to cut a new hole in my belt today which is obviously another great sign!

HSM tomorrow will be Chicken Fajitas but i plan on making the Tortillas with Coconut Flour and egg whites. If anyone has any better or healthier solutions would love to have them! Found a few recipes off the net! Looking forward to trying that! I might also try get some Buttnersquash fries into the meal aswell, been craving those since I tried them 2 days before i started the diet!

Trickiest day of the week done!!!

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