2nd V-Diet and 1st Pulse Fast


As I stated in the Pulse Fast page, I dropped 2lbs over night 194-192lbs. So I go back into the gym just a few hours ago and I weigh 197.0lbs. So throughout the whole routine, I’m thinking to myself ‘What the f*#* happened?!’ It’s been two days since the Pulse Fast, and I gain 5lbs back by solely drinking the V-Diet shakes? But here’s where it gets interesting…

-My muscles were absolutely fuller and looked bigger.
-I felt lighter on my feet.
-My pants were a bit looser.
-My stomach fat feels smaller, looks smaller, and abs feel tighter.
-Shoulders, traps, triceps, biceps, and vein going down the biceps were more visible.
-Gastrocnemius’s looked bigger and fuller.
-Quads looked bigger.
-Jump Rope Warm-up was a whole lot easier. I actually got into a ‘zone’ while jumping and lost count of my jumps. That’s how easy they were.
-I didn’t do any warm-up ‘feeler’ sets before each exercise.
-I went up in weight because last week felt easy and still kicked ass tonight.
-I know I’m short changing myself and need to go heavier if I can do more.

-Deadlift 190lbs 9 Reps 5 sets total 45 Reps. Supposed to be 40, so I need to go up, again.
-Decline DB Press. Last week was 85lb DB’s, tonight was 90lb DB’s. I hit muscle failure last set of 5 reps
-Lat pull Down at 110lbs felt a bit simnple, but easy.
-Hand Walk out- I did 9,9,9,8,5 for a total of 40 reps. Triceps above elbow were becoming fatigued during the last two sets.

So throughout the routine, I felt amazing and felt strong. Everything looked bigger besides my stomach. Given, the ‘handles’ and back fat are still apparent, but the front stomach fat has gone down tremendously. I have a feeling I’m going to have to do a full body routine when I’m done with the V-Diet and focus on full body movements like DB Clean’s, Power Cleans, Snatch, Dead’s, Squats, Standing Barbell Press, etc.

I’m thinking, but correct me if I’m wrong, that the Pulse Fast ‘set’ me up for the two days of shakes to make me more sensitive to the protein shakes? In which my body absorbed it very well.

I’m on:
5-Fish Oil
1-Multi Vitamin
This afternoon I began taking HOT-ROX. I ran out two weeks ago and have been using an ‘alternative’ fat burner.

I don’t know if I should be happy about the way I felt or feel sad of the 5lb weight gain. I mean, I’m not going to give up, but I felt kind of heart broken from the gain and doing everything the way it was laid out for me.

The scale isn’t everything, I know. It’s the physical change is what I’m looking for. BUt where did this 5lbs come from?

Is this good? Bad?


Here’s the thing: you looked more muscular but had a smaller gut, right?


So who cares what the scale says?

I know I wrote a lot (maybe too much) about the immediate effects of the Pulse Fasts, like the de-bloating and 2-6 pounds of weight loss in one “pulse.” But really, it’s not about those initial scale numbers, but rather the whole reprogramming effect.

Besides, the scale can be wonky. Remember, natural body weight can fluctuate several pounds from morning to night – I typically weigh 5-6 pounds more at night than I do in the morning. So keep an eye on the immediate results, but think long term. It’s like those horrible Tanita scales: if it tells you that you’re 25% body fat yet you see abs, then screw the scale’s opinion.

Precisely, I thought that same thing. Screw the scale. It’s all about how I have physically changed. The pulse worked in a way I never imagined. But I understand why it works and I’ll be doing it again, because it works.

THanks Chris, for going my long long rant, and for the input.

You’re just an awesome dude.


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